Bannockburn Heart

Economic Development Pillar

Bannockburn Heart time-lapse

With a growth rate of 7% each year, Bannockburn is one of the fastest growing towns in the G21 region. However, it has no civic centre for its rapidly expanding population.

Developing prime land Bannockburn’s Main Street will establish an attractive and welcoming multi-faceted community civic space. It will create a ‘heart’ of town that celebrates the region’s heritage and culture through artwork, performances, functions, events and gatherings.

Located alongside the Bannockburn Library and Cultural Centre, the new ‘Bannockburn heart’ will also incorporate the award winning Golden Plains Farmers’ Market.

This $4.6 million project will transform the liveability and amenity of Bannockburn and increase activity in the town centre through increased visitation, active recreation, community participation, commerce and spending.