DRAFT G21 Regional Hockey Strategy Feedback

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Date: Friday 26 October to COB Friday 7 December 2018.

Building a strong, inclusive and sustainable hockey community in the G21 region.

Download DRAFT G21 Regional Hockey Strategy here

Strategic Framework
The strategic framework will guide the future provision of hockey facilities and development initiatives in the G21 Region to 2028. Six strategic priorities are supported by twelve key objectives that have led to the development of regional and local hockey recommendations.

The strategic priorities are:

  1. Provide functional and accessible hockey facilities
  2. Increase capacity of existing facilities and deliver new pitches to meet future demand
  3. Increase hockey participation through improved programming
  4. Embrace new formats that engage new participants
  5. Adopt strategies that support the development of sustainable clubs
  6. Promote hockey in the region through collective marketing strategies and initiatives

Strategic Recommendations
A range of recommendations have been developed for implementation to achieve the Vision.  Pages 33 – 38 of the Strategy detail all strategic recommendations.  The items generally relate to the following:

  • Potential to improve access to and use of school facilities for clubs and the Geelong Hockey Association
  • Potential future development of facilities (all requiring comprehensive business cases, planning and budget processes)
  • Investigate opportunities for participation growth and events, including Hookin2Hockey and social formats of hockey
  • Review administrative models and processes and identify improvements to better support hockey in the G21 region.

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