G21 Region Profile – vital statistics of our region

A comprehensive statistical profile of the G21 region launched recently is expected to be invaluable for government, business, student and community reference.

The G21 Region Profile 2019 includes hundreds of data tables and graphs.  A main regional volume is supported by five municipal-specific companion documents — Colac-Otway, Golden Plains, Queenscliffe, Surf Coast and Greater Geelong.

The Profile was jointly launched by G21 Chair Bill Mithen and the mayors of the five G21 region councils following the G21 July board meeting in Queenscliff.

“Not since G21 published its first regional profile in 2014 has there been such a wealth of relevant socio-economic information about the G21 region gathered in one document set,” G21 CEO Elaine Carbines said.

“The Profile will become a must-read reference for business and all levels of government when planning or making investment decisions.

“G21 and our member councils will use it as an aid to planning the region’s future and advocating on behalf of the region to government.

“The Profile is a marker-in-time, providing a snapshot of our region’s current vital statistics.”

G21 Chair Bill Mithen said the Profile was intended to be read in conjunction with the Geelong Region Plan, which is the state and federal government-adopted high-level blueprint for the region through to 2050.

“The Geelong Region Profile 2019 draws on many publicly available resources and assembles that information in a way that explains the data without making judgements,” Mr Mithen said.

“The wealth of information assembled in the Profile paints a detailed and vibrant ‘words and numbers picture’ of our region.

“The document includes information on subjects as diverse as population demographics, economic development, climate and rainfall, urban settlement, social disadvantage, education, community services, crime rates, property values and human health and wellbeing.

“For instance, the Profile tells us that the G21 region, on average, has an older population than the whole of Victoria; with 18.1 percent of the region’s residents over 65 years, compared to 15.6 percent for Victoria,” Mr Mithen said.

Ms Carbines said the profile showed that more than 17,000 workers commuted from Geelong to greater Melbourne for work each day, while about 6,500 come the other way.

“Much of the commuting is by train, with 8.67 million trips in 2017-18, which is up from 3.89 million in 2012-13,” Ms Carbines said.

“About 60 percent of households in the G21 region own two or more cars, which is above the state average of 56 percent. So it’s unsurprising that about 74 percent of people go to work by car in the G21 region; well above the state average of 68 percent.

“Of the region’s 147,000 dwellings about 18 percent are unoccupied, due largely to the number of holiday homes. This is well above the state average of 11 percent.

“In 2017 the region exported about $7.9 billion, with more than half (53 percent) coming from the manufacturing sector.

“It’s this type of interesting material that is important in shaping the region, its services and facilities for the future.

“The Profile slices census and other data in many ways, showing differences between local government areas, employment types and other distinguishing features of our region,” Ms Carbines said.

The mayors of the G21 region who jointly launched the Profile documents were: Cr Bruce Harwood, City of Greater Geelong; Cr Bob Merriman, Borough of Queenscliffe; Cr Rose Hodge, Surf Coast Shire; Cr Jason Schram, Colac Otway Shire; and Cr Owen Sharkey, Golden Plains Shire.

The G21 Region Profile 2019 was compiled for G21 by local consultancy Civic Collective.  G21 is indebted to the sources whose databases and publications have been drawn upon in compiling the Profile.

The G21 Region Profile 2019, the individual municipal profiles, and supporting data tables can be viewed and downloaded free-of-charge at: www.g21.com.au

Photo: Surf Coast mayor Cr Rose Hodge, Colac-Otway mayor Cr Jason Schram, Greater Geelong mayor Cr Bruce Harwood, G21 chair Bill Mithen, Golden Plains mayor Cr Owen Sharkey and Queenscliffe mayor Cr Bob Merriman with copies of the G21 Region Profile at Queenscliff Harbour.