G21 Regional Tennis Strategy

Sports and Recreation Pillar

Project Description

The G21 Regional Tennis Strategy aims to guide the future provision of tennis infrastructure and the delivery of tennis programs and activities across the G21 region over the next 10 years. It will guide and support the sustainable delivery of tennis for the G21 community, implementing a raft of measures that will increase tennis participation, adapting to consumer's shifting preferences for how and when tennis is played.

The strategy identifies five key priorities to better develop the game in our region. This includes developing a collaborative governance structure, increasing tennis participation, ensuring current facilities meet demand and supporting and growing tennis clubs.

State of Play reports

State of Play reports provides an overview of:

  • player statistics and demographics for the region
  • club facility and registration data
  • commentary on the state of local clubs and the future directions and strategic initiatives of the sport
  • information on capital investment into facilities and other key projects.

The information provides a baseline for measuring future developments, and measures participation trends across the G21 region year-by-year.

Tennis Strategy Newsletters

G21 Regional Tennis Strategy Newsletter No. 1 - issued Jan 2013
G21 Regional Tennis Strategy Newsletter No. 2 - issued June 2013