G21 to review priority projects

The G21 Board is carefully reviewing its priority projects list for advocacy purposes now that the state and federal elections are over for another three years.

A number of G21’s existing priority projects have been funded through commitments made prior to the recent elections and are no longer needing advocacy.

While other projects worthy of G21’s attention and support are likely to emerge from the review.

The success of G21’s efforts to gain a City Deal for Geelong and the Great Ocean Road and the funding of other significant regional projects underscores the importance of having a well-defined set of regional priorities.

The Board’s review starts within the ‘engine-room’ of the organisation – the Pillars, or working groups.

G21’s eight subject-specific Pillars consist of about 300 professionals volunteering their time and expertise.

The Pillars cover arts, culture, economic development, education and training, planning, health and wellbeing, transport, environment and sport and recreation.

The list of current G21 Pillar projects, along with other relevant external inputs, are taken into account by the Board when updating its list of ‘priority projects’.

That list then becomes the prime focus of G21’s high-level planning and advocacy work to government and elsewhere.

In developing the list the Board assesses potential projects against social, environmental and economic benefits, strategic alignment with the G21 Geelong Region Plan, the availability of human and other resources for implementation, possible project leadership and their potential to gain funding.

To learn more about G21’s work, its Pillar groups and current projects go to our website – g21.com.au