Gateway to the Otways Centre

Economic Development Pillar

A warming and drying climate increases vulnerability to bushfire in Victoria’s forested towns.

The ‘Gateway to the Otways Centre’ is a community-led initiative that will drive climate and economic adaptation, build resilience and recovery, while celebrating the unique and accessible beauty of the Otway Ranges.

It will create

  • A best-practice fire-adapted building, a place of last resort for residents and visitors unable to evacuate ahead of a bushfire event, co-located with a well-resourced CFA station.
  • An active social hub for residents and visitors creating a vibrant place to learn, share and connect year-round.
  • A research and education hub, focusing on knowledge generation and learning, and providing an ongoing revenue stream for the facility through partnerships, sponsorships, programs, conferences and events.

This Economic Development Pillar Project is an element of the G21 Great Ocean Road Priority Project.