Great Ocean Road Gateway

Economic Development Pillar

As the eastern start of the Great Ocean Road, Torquay has a vital role to play in influencing the visitor journey through the Great Ocean Road precinct.

A three-part strategy has been developed to:

  • make Torquay a ‘gateway’ to the Great Ocean Road experience;
  • build compelling assets to attract high-yield visitors and increase dwell-time and visitor yield; and
  • use marketing and technology to promote a multifaceted experience, connecting what Torquay already offers to better meet visitor expectations.

Surf Coast Shire Council, with Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, is undertaking research for a business case to deliver an experience including key cultural and interpretative concepts to ensure Torquay is a ‘must do’ Great Ocean Road destination.

See also the G21 Great Ocean Road Priority Project, of which this project forms one element.