Great Ocean Road Upgrade

Transport Pillar

The Need

The National Heritage listed Great Ocean Road is the critical underpinning infrastructure that supports the Great Ocean Road region’s $2.1 billion tourism industry. Stretching for 243 kilometres, the Great Ocean Road is regarded as one of the world’s greatest coastal drives and provides an iconic driving experience, while also linking the numerous tourism villages and destinations along the coast.

The Great Ocean Road is a significant economic driver in the G21 region. It is essential that the road is maintained and developed to meet current and forecast usage. Its importance to the region’s economy cannot be overstated, with visitors accessing it from many locations including Avalon, Princes and Hamilton Highways and Queenscliff via road, ferry and rail.

Stage 1 - Funded

Following a rigorous campaign by G21 and Geelong Otway Tourism (see OMGreatOceanRoad!) the Great Ocean Road received $50 million in funding from both State and Federal governments.

Since then, the road has been redeveloped with premium road surfaces, shoulder sealing and improvements to linking roads.

Over five years (to 2018), investment includes:

  • upgrades to the road pavement, structures, drainage, retaining walls and safety barriers
  • repairs and ongoing treatment of major landslips to minimise rock falls
  • improved line-marking and sign replacement
  • removal of hazardous trees and vegetation.

Stage 2

Further investment is now required to continue construction of a showcase that reflects the road’s role as an international and domestic tourist destination.

What has been committed

  • The Federal government has committed $25 million to upgrade the Great Ocean Road.
  • The State government has committed $25 million to upgrade the Great Ocean Road.