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G21 celebrates 10 years at AGM

The Annual General Meeting of members of G21 – Geelong Region Alliance (Thursday 15 November) will double as a 10th birthday celebration.
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Action to combat violence against women

A ‘Month of Action’ beginning 26 October 2012 is an important way to help stamp out violence against women across the G21 region. It is an opportunity for individuals, groups and organisations to unite to make it abundantly clear that violent behaviour against women is unacceptable in our community.
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“Dirt doesn’t hurt” G21 region kids’ mental health

A campaign promoting kids playing outdoors with limited adult supervision for their mental wellbeing launched in the G21 region.
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G21 councils 'sign-off' on growth plan

The G21 Regional Growth Plan has been approved by the five region councils and is now off to the Victorian planning minister.
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OECD delegation to study G21 region

A high-level delegation of OECD officials and academics will visit the G21 region (27-29 August 2012) to study rural and urban relationships.
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Open Letter to the PM & Premier on NDIS

Open letter from G21 to the Prime Minister & Victorian Premier calling for a quick resolution to the impasse on the NDIS trial for the Geelong region.
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Letter to 'The Age' on Avalon Airport article

G21 letter-to-the-editor responding to The Age story (21 July 2012) on Avalon Airport
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G21 welcomes OECD visit

G21 welcomes news that a senior OECD delegation will visit the region in August 2012 to study rural and urban relationships.
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G21 welcomes Alcoa decision

Alcoa’s decision to continue to operate the Point Henry aluminium smelter until at least mid 2014 demonstrated what could be achieved through cooperation.
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Award winning parks program honoured

The innovative Active in Parks program encouraging people to use parks for their health and wellbeing was honoured today (26 June 2012) at a special ceremony in Geelong.
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Innovative Geelong trial receives international award

The Healthy Parks, Healthy People ‘Geelong’s Active in Parks Program’ was awarded the Excellence in Parks (Social) Award at the 5th International Parks Management and Leadership Conference ‘Parks Beyond Boundaries’ in Adelaide on Wednesday 23 May, 2012.
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Federal Budget confirms funding to G21 region

Confirmation of funding to specific previously-announced projects for the G21 region in last night’s Federal Budget is welcome.
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State Budget commits $150m to G21 region

Commitments of more than $150 million to the G21 region in today’s State Budget reinforced the Government’s belief in the region and confirmed the effectiveness of G21’s advocacy work.
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G21 four-year MOU to be signed

A Memorandum of Understanding for continued financial support and membership of G21 Geelong Region Alliance for a further four years will be signed by member municipalities tomorrow 27 April, 2012.
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G21 has a brand new look

G21 – Geelong Region Alliance has a new logo as part of a comprehensive new look for the organisation unveiled to a G21 stakeholder forum on Friday 13 April.
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Top speakers draw region’s business and government leaders

Demand by people wanting to attend the G21 - Geelong Region Alliance Stakeholder Forum tomorrow (13 April) has exceeded all expectations.
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Regional growth blueprint to 2050 released for comment

The draft G21 Regional Growth Plan to be released for public comment tomorrow (3 April) is one of the most significant documents people of the region will need to consider for many years to come.
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G21 draft Economic Development Strategy released

The draft G21 Economic Development Strategy developed by the G21 - Geelong Region Alliance will be released for community feedback tomorrow (3 April).
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New Chair of G21

City of Greater Geelong mayor Cr John Mitchell has been elected interim chair of the G21 – Geelong Region Alliance Board following Mr Ed Coppe’s decision to stand down from the role.
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Powerful Partnership established to Close the Gap

A ‘Closing the Gap Stakeholder Forum’ in the G21 region on 21 March 2012 aims to support the Aboriginal community in improving their health outcomes by increasing the cultural capacity of regional health and community services.
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