New body to manage Great Ocean Road

A new body will be established to manage the Great Ocean Road and its surrounds, regardless of who wins the November state election.

Both Labor and the Liberal-National Coalition have committed to establishing either an ‘agency’ or an ‘authority’, respectively.

G21 has been a strong advocate for simplifying and better coordinating management arrangements, through an over-sighting body such as an agency or authority.

The Coalition said recently that, if elected, it would create an authority to manage designated Crown Land along the Great Ocean Road.

It said the authority would “replace existing organisations including local government, Parks Victoria, DELWP and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee that currently manage Crown Land along the coast”.

Earlier this month the Labor Government released its response to recommendations of the independent Great Ocean Road Taskforce, which it established in late 2017 to recommend on management and other issues for the Road and its surrounds.

The Labor Government’s plan includes a new “dedicated agency with an independent board” and a new planning approvals process “to stop inappropriate development and encourage environmentally-sustainable developments”.

Under the plan, stand-alone legislation would recognise the landscapes of the Great Ocean Road as ‘one integrated and living entity’, with an overarching strategic framework plan for the length of the Road, enshrined in law.

The plan was developed following 26 recommendations made by the Great Ocean Road Taskforce, which considered extensive community feedback provided through face-to-face conversations with 780 people and more than 570 written submissions.

G21 has been a long-time advocate for better facilities and greater environmental protections along the Great Ocean Road, as part of its Great Ocean Road Priority Project.