$800 million allocated to the Geelong region


Ed Coppe, Chairperson of G21 – Geelong Region Alliance, welcomed the Gillard Government’s 2011- 2012 budget and commitments to the Geelong region:

  • $448 million to develop the Regional Rail link to Geelong
  • $110 million to complete the duplication of the Princes Highway between Waurn Ponds and Winchelsea
  • $62.5 million to extend the Geelong Ring Road (4A) over the existing Princes Highway West and along Anglesea Road
  • $45 million to extend the Geelong Ring Road (4B), connecting from Anglesea Road to Princes Highway West
  • $50 million for modernizing the rail lines at Geelong Port
  • $26.1 million for an Integrated Regional Cancer Service (Geelong, Hamilton, Portland, Warrnambool)
  • $22.3 million for local road upgrades as part of the Auslink Roads to Recovery programme
  • $10 million for the Black Rock Recycled Water Plant
  • $7 million for planning the duplication of the Princes Highway between Winchelsea and Colac
  • $4.3 million of ongoing funding for 10 Australian Disability Enterprises, including $1.06 million for Karingal and $920,000 to Pathways Rehabilitation and Support Services
  • $3.7 million for the Colac Blues Water Fitness Centre upgrade
  • $3.1 million for the Eastern Beach restoration
  • $2 million for the Shell Road Sports Precinct redevelopment
  • $1.2 million for the Colac Youth Health Hub
  • $600k for the Torquay Spring Creek Pavilion upgrade
  • $591k for the Kardinia Park Netball Complex upgrade
  • $455k for the co-generation plant at Splashdown Leisure Centre
  • $370k for the South Barwon Football Netball Club
  • $300k for the Bambra Agro Forestry Network
  • $224.1k for Broadband for Seniors kiosks at 20 sites within the Geelong region
  • $130k for the Belmont Lions Football Netball Club
  • $100k for the Meerteeyt Marrang Indigenous Football Academy
  • $55k for the Rosewall Neighbourhood House Community kitchen expansion
  • $51k for the Winchelsea Integrated Neighbourhood Community Hub
  • $50k for disabled access improvements at the Colac City Band Hall
  • $46k for improvements at the Irrewillipe Public Hall
  • $14k for improvements at the Cororooke Public Hall

The Gillard Government also announced that they are committed to supporting development in regional Australia, with:

  • $1.8 billion over six years to provide critical infrastructure upgrades to hospitals and health services for regional Australians through the Health and Hospitals Fund regional priority rounds
  • $500 million over five years to strengthen regional higher education and vocational education and training institutions, through the regional priorities round of the Education Investment Fund
  • $109.9 million over four years for universities with regional campuses through increased and better targeted loading payments to regional areas
  • $916 million for the first projects under the Regional Infrastructure Fund to help unlock the economic potential of our regions
  • $1 billion over five years through the Regional Development Australia Fund to finance infrastructure projects that best fit the economic and community needs of the regions

“We are delighted that several of our region’s Priority Projects have received either financial or in-principle support within the 2011-12 Federal Budget, including ‘Geelong Ring Road Connections to the Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong Port’ and ‘Transport links to Melbourne’,” said Ed Coppe Chairperson of G21.

“We also welcome the establishment of the $1 billion Regional Development Australia Fund, highlighted in the Federal Budget, which will help to further develop our region’s economy and provide a funding source for many of our Priority Projects,” he said.

“The establishment of the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission and the National Mental Health Commission will also be of interest to our community and health services. The social and economic participation initiatives proposed, as well as funding for the redevelopment of primary health care are equally welcomed, and will ensure people in our region have access to the range of services and programs necessary to improve their lives.”

“We are keen to continue to work productively with the Federal Government on other G21 Priority Projects, including the Geelong Future Cities project, redevelopment of Skilled Stadium and Regional Research and Information Centre,” said Mr Coppe.