Addy nails it!! Northern ARC shunned

Health and Wellbeing Pillar

Yesterday's (27 May 2019) State Budget had one glaring omission for the G21 region.

The Geelong Advertiser 'nailed' the omisison in its post-Budget Editorial comment (read the editorial below).

No funds where allocated for the much-needed Northern ARC health and wellbeing hub for Geelong’s disadvantaged northern suburbs.

G21 agrees with the Addy, the lack of funds is extremely disappointing as the project was ignored in the recent federal election and has now been ignored by the State Budget.

Norlane and Corio have double-digit levels of unemployment; higher than both the state and national averages. They are among the most socially disadvantaged areas in the nation.

The facility would go a long way to addressing causes central to disadvantage, providing long-overdue community and health facilities to some of our most vulnerable communities.

The question has to be asked of our politicians: what do we have to do to get funding for this crucial facility for people in one of the most disadvantaged communities of Victoria?

G21 urges the state and federal governments to cease ignoring the northern suburbs and fund the Northern ARC.

People across Geelong and the reigon can also help to keep pressure on our governments by signing up to the City of Greater Geelong's petition here.

A prosperous regional community should care for the well-being of all of its members.