AirAsia's move to Avalon on track


AirAsia is gearing up to move its Victorian operations to Avalon Airport from Tullamarine Airport in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The move to Avalon will provide Victorians with lower fares as well as a more streamlined and efficient airport experience.

This signifies a new era for residents of the G21 region as the State prepares to launch its second international airport.

G21 has been a long-time advocate for Avalon Airport and the introduction of international freight and passenger services, which have the potential to bring huge economic benefits for the region.

This will provide a significant boost to the local economy, generate additional jobs locally, and lay the foundations for new business and trade opportunities for the region.

AirAsia is currently working with Avalon, tourism partners in the region and other relevant authorities to ensure their infrastructure needs are being met to ensure a smooth transition later this year.

Guests will benefit from a range of other ‘Avalon Advantages’ including cheaper parking, no Tullamarine freeway tolls, new airport infrastructure and a hassle-free arrival and departure process.

AirAsia expects to confirm a date for Avalon operations in the coming months with travel commencing before year end.

As the first international carrier to fly to Avalon Airport, the twice-daily service operated by AirAsia’s long-haul affiliate, AirAsia X, will provide connections via its hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to more than 130 destinations across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the US including Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Japan, India, China, South Korea, Hawaii (United States) and many more.