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Education and training Pillar

A scoping study investigating the need for a G21 Region Learning Strategy has been finished.  The proposed strategy and recommendations given in the report provide a framework for collaborative and coordinated effort to significantly improve learning outcomes. It would encompass the entire G21 region, and also respond to the needs and opportunities of each community.

During extensive consultation for the study, a number of key themes began to emerge. These include the need to lift educational attainment rates in the G21 region, to raise community and individual aspirations in relation to learning across all life stages and that this project would provide an advocacy framework for supporting initiatives linked to learning. The overriding feedback was that we need to use education as a means to end entrenched intergenerational disadvantage in the region.

The Pillar continues to be saddened by the lack of progress of the Geelong Secondary Schools and Community Digital Learning Hub.

Every day in most of the G21 region’s public secondary schools, students and teachers can’t access the resources they need due to internet bandwidth limitations. We have called on the government to fund fast internet to all Geelong region secondary schools.

The Victorian Education Department has doubled current school internet speeds to 100mb per second, but this is not nearly enough. Especially when multiple classes are trying to access the internet simultaneously through limited bandwidth.

Geelong’s worthy aspiration to be a ‘clever and creative’ city, with a workforce proficient in digital technology to attract high-tech businesses and start-ups, must begin with our students.

From G21's Report to the Region