Belmont High School achieves outstanding results in VCE exams


Belmont High School, St Albans Secondary College and Mildura Senior College have joined the ranks of Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne High School, McKinnon Secondary College and Balwyn High School in achieving outstanding results in this year’s VCE exams.

The school, based in Geelong, performed well with 15 students scoring above 90 and a Dux who received 99.65.

Bellarine High School, also in the Geelong region, also had a student with an ATAR school above 99.

Victoria’s rural and regional schools should also be extremely proud of their results, Mr Dixon said.

“I’ve been told that 16 Mildura Senior College students achieved ATAR scores over 90 and the Dux received 99.1, and Geelong’s Belmont High School also performed well with 15 students above 90 and a Dux who received 99.65,” Mr Dixon said.

Mildura Senior College principal Andrew Ough said the results were a tribute to the teaching staff at the school.

“I’m really proud of both the students and our staff,” Mr Ough said.

Rural and regional schools where students received ATAR scores of 99 and above:

  • Bendigo Senior Secondary College
  • Belmont High School (Geelong)
  • Mildura Senior College
  • Drouin Secondary College
  • Bellarine Secondary College

A pair of identical twins from Melbourne High School are among the students who received perfect ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) scores of 99.95.

Education Minister Martin Dixon today (December 16, 2011) congratulated a large number of high-achieving government schools from right across the state.

“Today is a day to celebrate for many schools and many students who have achieved amazing VCE results,” Mr Dixon said.

“Once again students at our selective-entry government schools have performed well, but students at a whole range of local neighbourhood schools, both in the city and the country, have also achieved outstanding success.

“This is testament to the fantastic teachers and world-class education on offer at every Victorian government school.”

Mr Dixon said he was particularly pleased to hear a St Albans Secondary College student had achieved a perfect ATAR score- the first ever at the school. Three students received scores over 99.

“Government schools in Melbourne’s west are brimming with success stories, and this is certainly one of them,” Mr Dixon said.

Balwyn High School students also performed well, with 122 students receiving scores over 90, and two scores over 99.

“I’m very delighted, this is the culmination of the dedicated teaching staff, the commitment from the students, the support from families and the strong direction for the school as a whole,” Principal Deborah Harman said.

McKinnon Secondary College received a visit from Monash University Vice Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne this morning to congratulate students. School Dux Patrick Walker received a perfect ATAR, and 13 students received scores over 99.

Melbourne-based schools where students received perfect ATAR scores of 99.95 were:

  • Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School (4 students)
  • Melbourne High School (3 students)
  • McKinnon Secondary College
  • St Albans Secondary College

Schools where students received ATAR scores of 99.9 were:

  • Balwyn High School (2 students)
  • Vermont Secondary College
  • Highvale Secondary College (Glen Waverley)

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