City office move could benefit Geelong Cultural Precinct

Arts and Culture Pillar

The City of Greater Geelong’s potential move to a new office building could have huge flow-on benefits for the Geelong Cultural Precinct, a G21 Priority Project.

The move would allow the Geelong Gallery, an intrinsic part of the Cultural Precinct, to expand into City Hall and display its full range of artworks to the community.

The Geelong Gallery’s economic and cultural renewal is seriously restricted by a lack of adequate space, which limits the display and constrains the storage of the magnificent collection owned by the people of Geelong.

Expanded facilities would allow the Gallery to host drawcard touring collections, which would provide significant tourism and economic outcomes for the G21 region as part of the Geelong Gallery’s core business.

The City of Greater Geelong is currently investigating the move of their eight CBD locations into one, purpose built central location.

Bringing all staff together under one roof would allow the organisation to operate more efficiently, reducing duplication and inefficiencies in staff administration and an unnecessary financial burden on ratepayers.

There would also be significant long-term savings in rent, with the City currently paying more than $2 million per year for its various locations.

There is also the potential for a newly constructed office to contribute to the revitalisation of Central Geelong, another G21 Priority Project, complementing other city new offices such as that of Worksafe and the NDIA.

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