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Economic Development Pillar

Integrated Water Management program

We were given a presentation from Carol Boyle, Professor of Infrastructure Engineering Design at Deakin of the Integrated Water Management program:

  • Integrated Water Management is a more holistic approach with shared visions and joint initiatives that deliver multiple benefits including supporting economic development.
  • The vision is for an integrated, collaborative management of the water cycle that enables sustainable environmental, social, cultural and community prosperity for the Barwon region.
  • Current projects include: Northern & Western Geelong north areas, SALT Torquay, Colac drainage study, Malop Street Green Spine, Pipe easement in public areas and Forrest waste water investigation.

Great Ocean Road Taskforce 

After the Wye River fires it was determined to create this taskforce due to previously having 14-15 agencies controlling the region, this was to simplify the decision making process.

An issues paper has been released, proposing a new management model to strengthen protections of the landscape setting, improve the visitor experience, provide greater certainty in land-use planning and attract investment proposals that will benefit visitors and local communities.

The Taskforce has created a submission that will be presented to the G21 Board and once approved can be distributed to the pillar.

G21 Agribusiness Roadmap

The G21 Agribusiness Roadmap has been active for the last 18 months.

Once funding was received, a report was commissioned of a roadmap of the G21 area and initially identified 16 areas of Agribusiness to be focused on, which were then filtered to three:

  • Project one – Niche Paddock to Plate Value chain.
  • Project two – Logistics and Retail platform for small food producers.
  • Project three – Collaborative Olives business model and grove services.

The purpose is to enable the smaller farms to access better resources and to collaborate to become more efficient.

G12 Agribusiness Strategy update - current projects/events include:

  • Food Source Victoria funding
  • Agritourism project
  • Climate Change Study program
  • Agribusiness Showcase event
  • AFL Country game farmers market.