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Economic Development Pillar

The Economic Development Pillar met on August 8 at City of Greater Geelong.


Water for our Future – Seamus Butcher, Barwon Water

Strategy 2030 – to strengthen the region’s economy, livability and sustainability through the delivery of high quality and affordable water and sewerage services.

  • Demand and system yield forecast - working on a ten year lead time to 2029 – need to understand how our community values water, work with them to design solutions to balance all needs in a drying climate.  Will have 18 mths of stakeholder/community consultation – looking at climate trends around the world – six phase program – Launched at G21 Forum 30 August.
  • Barwon region consumption – we are using less water now than 1982 with a population that has doubled.
  • Total Geelong region water storages 52.5% (50GL) – Barwon storages 45.2% (26.9GL), Moorabool Storages 64.7% (23.3GL), Melbourne Storages 46GL (Geelong uses 16GL per year from Melb line to supply the Northern suburbs, switched on March 2019 boosting water storages by up to 20 million litres a day).
  • Supplying recycled water from the Northern Recycled water plant and preparing to supply Class A for Armstrong Creek.
  • Preparing to turn on Anglesea borefield to supply Torquay, Anglesea, South Geelong and the Bellarine, working the community engagement process now with potential activation due from November 2019.

The Eden Project – Matt Taylor, Surf Coast Shire

  • The Eden Project is a UK-based educational and environmental charity and social enterprise, and Alcoa of Australia have undertaken community consultation to gain feedback on a concept for a world class eco-tourism attraction within Alcoa’s former mine site in Anglesea, Victoria.
  • A place of extraordinary experiences, fusing science and wonder to immerse visitors in the extremes of the elements – earth, air, water, fire – and in so doing, creating a must-see prelude to a journey on the Great Ocean Road.  Eden Project Anglesea is a concept set within the extraordinary landscape of the heath, celebrating, preserving and enhancing the ecology and environment.
  • Next Steps - Determination of planning authority and rezoning application process - Approval for Alcoa to fill the waterbody - Detailed designs incorporating aspects such as built form and scale principles, and traffic and infrastructure planning - Submission of a rezoning application and potentially planning permits for approval to the relevant authority - Continued community consultation – completion date 2025.