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Education and training Pillar

The Education and Training Pillar met July 31 at Deakin University Waterfront Campus.


GSSC Digital Hub Project
Craig Warren, Executive Director ICT Infrastructure Services, Deakin University, presented a very detailed and informative overview of the history, challenges and current status of the GSSC Digital Hub project.  Key features included:

  • Eight schools (7 private and North Geelong State School) are now connected to AARNet.
  • Fibre is currently being installed along the spine of the Bellarine Rail Trail through to Queenscliff and will be completed by mid-2020.  The Surf Coast remains underserved however a high speed microwave link is being considered through to Torquay. 
  • The Digital Hub Working Party have been invited by DET to participate in the Direct internet trials Term 4 2019 – Term 2 2020.
  • Catriona Salt responded to the details in the presentation and provided an overview of the actions taken by the Department of Education:
  • Schools have been provided with increased bandwidth and connectivity.
  • Schools are being encouraged to link with a 3rd party provider to address IT security issues.
  • Solutions are being explored that can be implemented in schools across the state.
  • DET are working with schools to take advantage of local infrastructure.
  • DET acknowledged G21 for escalating this issue and bringing it to the forefront of Government 

G21 Regional Learning Strategy

Bernadette O’Connor provided an extensive overview on the status of the G21 Region Learning scoping study.  Since the beginning of the project the following consultations and actions have been completed.

  • Conduct of six forums in each Local Government area and meetings with Councillors/CEOs/Senior Managers in each Local Government area.
  • Conduct of approximately 60 meetings with stakeholders including TAFE, University, Schools, Department of Education, Department of Jobs and Small and Family Business, Health providers, Geelong Regional Library Network, Creative Arts, Chamber of Commerce, GROW, Committee for Geelong, Disability Service Providers, Youth Services, RTOs, GRLLEN, Neighbourhood Houses, Industry.
  • Completed Literature Review and Labor Market Analysis.

A number of key themes have emerged from all consultations such as:

  • Strong consideration for the learning needs of the WathaurongWathaurung people and partners to ensure their language and culture is recognised and informs learning models and structures.
  • Link globally to seek best practice benchmarks, eg UNESCO Global Network for Learning Communities.
  • Break the cycle of entrenched intergenerational disadvantage through new partnerships, collaborations and alliances.
  • Raise community and individual aspirations in relation to learning across all life stages.
  • Unanimous support for the proposition of a Learning Strategy that encompasses the G21 region whilst simultaneously responding to the needs and opportunities for each local community.