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The Pillar’s October meeting was held in Geelong and welcomed the Geelong Field Naturalists Club as its newest member.

Rod Lowther spoke of the strong history of the club, which is one of Geelong's longest-running institutions, having been formed in 1895.

With a strong interest in the protection of natural areas and wildlife, it wants to encourage more natural spaces in our urban landscape for community health and wellbeing and promote the importance of reserving land for conservation purposes.

The Pillar confirmed the terms of reference and action plan for the Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy Working Group.

It also acknowledged the work being conducted by this group and the Barwon South West Climate Resilient Communities to organise the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Forum to be held in the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre in December 2017.

Tina Perfrement provided an overview of the six years of operation of Future Proofing Geelong, a collaborative program to achieve the Low Carbon Growth Plan for Geelong.

She highlighted the success in mitigation projects on commercial buildings, awareness-raising activities and new green jobs.

Contacts for information: Tony Overman (Pillar Leader), Rodney Thomas (Deputy Leader), Cr Des Phelan (G21 Board Liaison).