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Environment Pillar

With the departure of Tony Overman, the Pillar appointed Kate Sullivan as Pillar Leader.  Congratulations to Kate.

The Environmental Pillar has been meeting regularly throughout 2018 covering a range of topics including:

  • An update from Barwon Water on their Strategy 2030. In particular their focus is on delivering outstanding value to their customers and community by delivering secure, affordable water and sewerage services across the region, while exploring new ways of working to achieve zero emissions and zero waste through strategic partnerships and being more entrepreneurial with customers and industry.
  • An update on the IWM Forum led by DELWP and chair Carol Boyle and the content of the draft Strategic Direction Statement which covers areas like recycled water and water security for the region through to water sensitive design in new developments (noting a number of Pillar members are actively participating in this forum).
  • A presentation from City of Greater Geelong on their new $3.65 million green organics waste facility which will receive up to 35k tonnes of waste per annum.
  • A presentation from Barwon Water on a new proposal in Colac involving Barwon Water and 3 other businesses converting waste to energy biogrid. This will help to deliver Barwon Waters zero emission and zero waste targets as well as assisting the three businesses to utlise their waste and reduce energy costs.
  • A focus over the next few months will be around aligning and clarifying delivery and advocacy roles for projects that are covered in the G21 Environmental Pillar, the CCMA partnerships forum and the IWM forum.
  • A number of pillar members have been actively participating in the Catchment Partnership Agreement Projects – this forum includes the activation of the Barwon River Parklands Project (Lead CCMA) and an Integrated Pest Plant and Animal Management Project.
  • The Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy Working Group have identified a number of stakeholders in the region who should be involved in the development of a Renewable Energy Roadmap.
  • In doing so, the Working Group has identified the need for a broader and more formalised group with resources to deliver projects like this. The Working Group is currently discussing with DELWP the opportunity to form and fund a Greenhouse Alliance in our region and is awaiting further information on the announced funding for a Renewable Energy Roadmap for the Barwon South West Region.