G21 CEO delays departure


G21 Chief Executive Officer Elaine Carbines AM will delay her departure until the end of 2020 to provide stability to G21’s operations during the period of COVID-19.

Ms Carbines had previously advised the board she would leave her role in early August, after 10 years in the job.

G21 chair Bill Mithen said the G21 Board had welcomed Ms Carbines’ offer to delay her departure.

“It is important that G21’s regional coordination role, especially its Health & Wellbeing functions, have continuity during such a challenging time.  A change of CEO, or potentially a period without a CEO, would be difficult,” Mr Mithen said.

“Coming out of COVID-19 will be a time when G21’s regional coordination role will be important, especially through its Pillar working groups.

“Elaine’s extensive experience will ensure G21 can help the region as it strives to meet the economic and social challenges of coronavirus.”

Ms Carbines said she offered to delay her departure to give the board ‘breathing space’.

“G21 board members are busy managing the impact of coronavirus in their respective organisations.  It’s a difficult time for everyone,” Ms Carbines said.

“I felt I could not leave the G21 board and staff in the lurch during the uncertainty of coronavirus.

“G21 has an important role to play as we emerge from COVID-19.  I want to ensure G21 is positioned to meet those challenges and to provide a smooth transition to the next CEO.”


7 April 2020.