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Health and Wellbeing Pillar

Key Projects

Action plan

Developing a Joined Up Health and Wellbeing Action Plan across the G21 Region, a number of partner agencies including all councils are working together to focus on no more than six actions that can be scaled up and implemented across the region.

These activities will form part of an action plan that will be submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by the end of October.

The actions will be:

  • A focus on early years settings and increasing the adoption of Healthy Eating Guidelines;
  • Increasing physical activity and incidental activity;
  • Identifying opportunities for active travel; and,
  • Ensuring water is the beverage of choice and reducing the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

Preventing and Addressing Violence against Women and Children

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West is the lead organisation to co-ordinate agencies working in the area of prevention to form an action plan that aligns with the Strategic Plan – Preventing Violence against Women and Children.

In September, key agencies have been working with Deakin University Global Obesity Centre to map prevention activities and identify new activities for implementation.

Refugee & Asylum Seekers:  Improving Mental Health Care & Outcomes

As part of the action plan for this project, Diversitat and partner agencies were successful in receiving $30,000 from the Give Where You Live Foundation to co-design a consumer input forum with people who are refugees residing in the Greater Geelong region.

Diversitat will directly employ a project officer on a short-term contract to design and implement this part of the joined up action plan.

Over 99 professionals from across the Region have registered for the Community of Practice and they are using the digital platform Basecamp to engage with each other.

G21 Physical Activity Strategy

Councils are continuing to implement actions from the Physical Activity Strategy.

Golden Plains Shire has led a piece of work around increasing participation of girls and women and the results of their interventions are pending.

The G21 Sport and Recreation Pillar has expressed interest in reviewing the strategy and updating the strategy in light of the shared health promotion priority of Active Living. This review will take place in the new financial year.

Strategic Plan

A short, sharp strategic plan will be developed for the Health and Wellbeing Pillar as a requirement by DHHS. The priority areas are: Active living and healthy eating, gender equity, improving social connectedness and mental health and wellbeing, capacity building and leadership, and communication and engagement.

A detailed action plan will form part of the implementation of the strategic plan.

Choose to Change Colac

Health and Wellbeing staff were involved in a community workshop in Colac on September 7, 2017 as part of the Global Obesity Centre Deakin University project.

Staff facilitated table discussions to develop collective actions.

Pillar Engagement

During the past quarter, the Health and Wellbeing team has participated in the following reference groups of committees:

  • Backbone support group, Healthier Eating and Active Living;
  • Governance group, improving mental health care and outcomes for refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Preventing Violence against women and children – PPEG;
  • Healthy Achievement program;
  • Victorian State-wide Primary Care Partnerships network; and
  • Choose to Change Colac.

Contacts for information: Libby Mears (Pillar Leader), David Meade (Deputy Leader), Lenny Jenner (G21 Board Liaison).