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Health and Wellbeing Pillar

The G21 Health and Wellbeing Executive met on Friday June 12. The decision was carried to operate the Primary Care Partnership (PCP) parallel with the G21 HWB Pillar, after a 12 month trial of the separation of the PCP from the HWB Pillar. This ensures the sustainability of the G21 HWB Pillar, regardless of what happens into the future with PCP funding. Feedback from the trial highlighted the ability of the HWB Pillar to engage in a wider scope of HWB priorities for the G21 region, whilst not being constrained to the parameters of the PCP funding requirements. Members of the G21 HWB Executive will meet to clarify the anticipated governance model, and clearly define the multiple purposes of the HWB Pillar and begin the priority setting process to align with the MHWB planning.

The workshop to progress the “towards a new model of HWB planning” with Lenny Jenner was agreed to go ahead virtually, with agreeance from the Executive that whilst face to face was ideal, members did not want to lose momentum in exploring this model and should not wait until restrictions eased.

Our Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) initiative is currently completing the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (MEL) with a forum scheduled in early July for each working group to present the work, reflect on findings and the year, and use this evaluation to look to what activities will be completed in the final year of the HEAL 4 year initiative. As with Collective Impact, the work is challenging, but evaluation indicating rich outcomes and certainly more positive than without the collective work.

Other activities include furthering the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children work, looking into the 10-year anniversary of the “Growing up in G21” project, and capturing a 2020 update. Along with the update to a new look G21 website, the G21 HWB Pillar will merge with the G21 website. This is an exciting opportunity to simplify the way our online resource work, make it far more user friendly and strengthen our connection with the other G21 Pillars.

Our website is updated daily with links around the latest COVID-19 advice and updates from DHHS, as well as comprehensive links around mental health and wellbeing, how to prevent infection and spread, and emergency relief and links to support for those experiencing financial distress.

G21 HWB Pillar has begun preliminary discussions around a tender application for the Social Connection Partnership Grant. With the devastating revelation of a cluster of youth suicides in the Geelong region, maintain connection with each other and our community is of vital importance, particularly during this time of physical distance.