Innovative Avalon to help COVID recovery

Economic Development Pillar

Avalon Airport has established itself as a cornerstone contributor to the economic prosperity of the G21 region, however as we transition out of COVID-19 the airport’s role will take on even greater importance.

Prior to COVID-19 decimating air travel worldwide Avalon Airport was powering ahead.

Last year, well-established domestic services produced passenger numbers 66 per cent higher than they were in 2014, while a growing number of international carriers were flying, or soon to fly, from the airport.

In typical fashion, Avalon Airport chief executive Justin Giddings has not been idle during the forced COVID-19 hibernation.

Recent news that Avalon Airport is positioning itself to capitalise on anticipated opportunities from a mooted re-opening of flights between Australia and New Zealand is welcome news.

The hard-hit tourism and business sectors in our region and our state would benefit from trans-Tasman flights through Avalon, as a first step towards reopening flights more broadly.

The Airport’s installation of world-leading touch-less check-in systems to improve passenger safety post-COVID-19 demonstrates the airport’s adaptability and initiative.

G21 has long championed Avalon Airport, designating it as priority project some years ago.

G21’s advocacy with others contributed to Avalon being granted international airport status and receiving government assistance to develop an international terminal.

Avalon recently constructed a new $50 million, 7000m² terminal with Australian Border Force and Quarantine services with federal assistance of $20 million.

Few regions are fortunate enough to host a major domestic airport to boost their economy, let alone a rapidly expanding international airport.

Although Avalon’s growth has been temporarily put into a holding pattern it is clearly going to be at the fore front of the region’s resurgence post-COVID.

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