Message from G21 CEO


Congratulations to everybody in our community for following self-distancing regulations so well. The relatively low rate of community transmission means that the State Government has started to ease restrictions.

There is now an additional fifth reason for us to be out; to visit our family and friends.

And kids will make a staggered return to school from this week (26 May).

This is a welcome step, and makes us enthusiastic for what’s to come.

The continuing low numbers of community transmission and the high rates of testing have given the State Government confidence that cafes, restaurants, pubs and other hospitality businesses can begin planning for a phased re-opening from the beginning of June.

From 1 June, cafes, restaurants and pubs will be able to reopen their doors to serve meals to up to 20 customers at a time per enclosed space. From 22 June, this could increase to up to 50 patrons, and again during the second half of July, up to 100.

Of course, these timelines are reliant on people continuing to get tested when they show even mild symptoms, and on those tests continuing to show low numbers of positive cases around the state.

Before each of these dates, the Chief Health Officer will review current rates of community transmission in Victoria and confirm that there is an adequate safety net in the health system for the steps to be permitted.

The hospitality industry has been hit so hard in this pandemic; we look forward to being able to support our local restaurants and cafes. It is one of the first steps towards saving jobs and restoring our local communities.

Sadly, a return into the workplace is yet to be scheduled. We are really looking forward to ‘going back to work!’

In the meantime, here at G21, we will continue in our home offices with our Zoom meetings until we are given the green light.

Statement from the Premier (May 24 2020) showing further lifted restrictions