Moolap strategic framework plan released

Planning and Services Pillar

The State Government has finalised and released a coastal strategic framework for Moolap for the next 100 years.

The Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan (Moolap Plan) establishes the strategic direction and future land-use changes of northern Moolap including Point Henry, the former saltworks, industrial and adjacent rural areas.

Northern Moolap is undergoing change with the closure of the former saltworks and aluminium production at Point Henry. The Moolap Plan guides this change by setting a vision for future land uses for the next 100 years.

The Moolap Plan supports residential development, tourism, environmental parkland and the continuation of industrial businesses.

While the Moolap Plan sets a strategic framework for decision making, the plan itself does not approve development or rezone land.

Implementation as outlined in the Moolap Plan will include detailed design and approvals with future actions of government and land owners to inform the timing of land-use change as well as improvements to infrastructure and land management.

The Moolap Plan and detail of the process gone through to arrive at the plan is available at