Planning and Services Pillar Update

Latest Pillar Activity
Planning and Services Pillar

At the latest Planning and Services Pillar meeing a presentation was received from Carolyn Jackson of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan and works proposed or underway.

Ms Jackson also gave a presentation on the proposed Great Ocean Road Taskforce, which will include all land managers for improved management and co-ordination of Great Ocean Road affairs.

Representatives from DELWP and Barwon Water also provided a presentation on the Integrated Water Management Framework (IWMF) for the G21 Region.

The framework aims to achieve greater collaboration across organisations and disciplines that influence the water cycle, including stormwater management, wastewater systems and healthy landscapes.

The IWMF Pilot IWM Forums are being set up in regional areas across the state including the Barwon Region.

There is an opportunity to integrate this with the G21 Planning Pillar, which will be discussed further at the next meeting in November.

An update was provided from council representatives and agencies on G21 Priority Projects and council projects around the region.

Contacts for information: Cr David Bell (Pillar Leader), Cr Brian McKiterick (Deputy Leader and G21 board liaison).