Sport & Recreation Pillar update

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Sports and Recreation Pillar

SRV Update

  • Split/change of minister:
  • Martin Pakula – Major Facilities, Trust, Tourism and Racing
  • Ros Spence – Community Sport and Recreation (also has portfolio of youth and cultural affairs)
  • A lot of SRV work sits in here Ros Spence’s portfolio.
  • COVID response
  • Final claims – non-requirement of official openings and signage – on hold.
  • Process claims and finalise funds.
  • In future openings will still be required.
  • SRV staffing – working remotely, regional perspective used to working in this way.

SSA Update

  • General update – Football, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball
  • Contact made with each sport requesting an update on their response to COVID-19; any Club issues or support identified (current or future) and is there any support that LGA’s can provide at this time?
  • Impacts on Sport Presentation run through by SCS.
  • Winter into summer season impacts (meeting at State level (AFL/Cricket/SRV) to discuss).
  • Note that there is legislation over season timing to work to.
  • State Government packages – no announcement as yet. Working on options.
  • Erika to promote need for financial assistance through SRV.
  • Geelong Basketball $40k funding campaign was impressive community support.
  • AFL Western Districts aiming to fundraise $100k.
  • Commercial leasing mandatory requirements – BoQ speaking to individual tenants to offer discounts. Will mostly impact those with employees.
  • LGAs need continuity of income (i.e. rates) to then offer supports to clubs.
  • COGG – waive winter fees, additional maintenance costs. Deal with individual clubs. Geelong United possibly most impacted.

Regional Impact

  • Clubs/Groups - are we seeing any immediate impacts (i.e. loss of jobs, club hardship case studies?)
  • Beaches – continued use within restrictions. Some issues with gatherings/large numbers at popular beaches. Media exposure.
  • Simon – Forests. Camp sites closed, forests remain open for use. Struggling with confusion on essential travelling messaging. Forrest MTB trails still open.
  • Parks – Great Otway and You Yangs closed to all visitors. Locals can continue to exercise.
  • Main national parks are closed.
  • CoMs on foreshore – all campsites are closed. Beaches and boat ramps – this is a changing space depending on State Government.
  • Police becoming more involved.
  • Easter weekend to be interesting.
  • Clubs
  • Community Support Team at SCS – how we can support on local issues: current and recovery.
  • AFL Barwon and Basketball large impacts.
  • Club case studies – construction projects requiring club contributions. Working with SRV.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Impacts, issues, concerns.
  • SCS Stadium progressing, but some impacts of COVID on progress.
  • GPS – sports lighting poles delay from China, but now back on track for this and other projects.
  • LSIF – SRV will be asking Council’s for clarity on club contributions. Some Councils have withdrawn applications in other areas.
  • CoGG – St Mary’s still progressing, most others tracking fine.
  • Little capacity to have/raise funds next year, so some projects may have to wait.
  • Will Councils have to underwrite club contributions?
  • SCS underwriting significant contribution for Stribling Reserve Pavilions under BBRF.
  • Contractors on large projects are splitting teams into A and B so that work can continue if one team is impacted.

Looking to the Future

  • What future challenges and impacts do we see?
  • What can we do to lessen the impact?
  • Fees – CoGG and any others.
  • Communications – are clubs overwhelmed?
  • SCS Council budget still going through. Potential budget submissions to support sports.
  • Geelong United impact significant.
  • Recovery – innovative solutions for winter into summer season. What options are available?
  • Availability across the region. Potential to access Dept of Education facilities.
  • Ian intending to talk to Basketball, also worth discussing with AFL Barwon.
  • Discuss with groups and come back to Elaine: Is there a role for G21 to advocate to the minister on behalf of sports?
  • University Sports – fitness industry impacts. Exercise is essential, however huge financial damage to providers. Contract negotiations trying to save services. How can we consider support to the industry on the other side of this? JobKeeper and lease mandates will have a positive impact, but many providers will be hurting.
  • SCS (Winchelsea Gym), Colac (Bluewater), CoGG (various), Deakin impacted.
  • Fitness Australia – proactive support instructions for providers.