Support for mixed-use development at Geelong’s Saleyards

Planning and Services Pillar

The City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) Council has given its support for a mixed use development at the former Geelong Saleyards in Geelong West which would include residential development.

The decision will help shape the Precinct Plan for the future of the site, which is now in progress and will be released for community consultation later in the year.

Having considered several options, CoGG Council agreed that a mixed use development was best suited to the area, particularly given its appealing position just 600 metres from North Geelong station and within easy reach of Pakington Street, Geelong station and the CBD.

Industrial development was not recommended given the closeness of the aged care facility on Weddell Road, while large scale shopping would conflict with CoGG’s Retail Strategy, which aims to avoid ‘out of centre’ retail development.

Mixed use development with medium density residential housing and designated open space would also be consistent with CoGG’s housing policies, which support more infill housing in established areas, particularly close to train stations and activity centres.

Any future development will incorporate heritage elements to recognise the saleyards’ historic significance to Geelong. This could be done via the retention of heritage fabric from the site, interpretation of the site through the overall layout and use of specific building materials.

The Precinct Plan includes land adjoining the Saleyards owned by Target, and the vacant land behind the Sphinx entertainment facility.

Poultry sales at the site finished in July 2018, while CoGG is working on options to move the truckwash facility to a new location.