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At the latest Transport Pillar meeting member Shane Royle, GeelongPort trade and property manager, presented the GeelongPort Strategic Plan.

Key points in the presentation included:

  • By 2035, GeelongPort will contribute $11 billion of trade and generate 3100 jobs via the safe management of over 18 million tonnes of bulk cargo;
  • In order to achieve this growth GeelongPort will need to strengthen its freight links including channel, berth infrastructure, road and rail connections;
  • Significant displacement opportunities exist for GeelongPort (Bass Strait trade, liquid and dry bulk trades, automotive and break bulk); and,
  • GeelongPort will continue to be an active member of the region, working with key stakeholders to facilitate growth and prosperity.

A letter from Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan was tabled at the meeting in response to the Pillar’s concerns with the recent train timetable changes and their impacts on existing bus timetable connectivity.

A watching brief on the concerns raised was committed and further advocacy will be undertaken if required.

The Pillar tabled the G21 Region Road Transport Plan 2017-2027, which will guide development of regional and road transport infrastructure. The plan, taking in G21’s five municipalities, was produced to assist development of the region’s transport system by recognising opportunities and challenges and to provide a platform for advocacy.

Contacts for information: Karly Lovell (Pillar Leader), Cr Chris Potter (G21 Board Liaison).