News, posted on 27/05/2020
Just as Deakin University was at the forefront of the region’s economic recovery this past decade, the university will be essential to the region’s post-COVID-19 recovery.
News, Environment Pillar, posted on 25/05/2020
The State Government has provided the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning with $3 million to address coastal erosion at Apollo Bay.
Latest Pillar Activity, Education and training Pillar, posted on 25/05/2020
An updated form the Education & Training Pillar.
Latest Pillar Activity, Health and Wellbeing Pillar, posted on 25/05/2020
A May 2020 update from the Health & Wellbeing Pillar.
News, posted on 22/05/2020
G21 welcomes $1.8B of Federal infrastructure funds for local governments battling impacts of COVID-19.
News, Environment Pillar, posted on 21/05/2020
Colac Otway Shire calls for urgent government investment to address coastal erosion
Latest Pillar Activity, Sports and Recreation Pillar, posted on 20/05/2020
The Sport & Recreation Pillar held an interim emergency Pillar meeting to discuss the issues surrounding sport and COVID-19.
Latest Pillar Activity, Planning and Services Pillar, posted on 20/05/2020
An update form the May 2020 Planning & Services Pillar meeting.
Latest Pillar Activity, Environment Pillar, posted on 20/05/2020
An update form the May 2020 Environment Pillar meeting.
News, Arts and Culture Pillar, posted on 20/05/2020
An update from the February 2020 Arts, Heritage & Culture Pillar meeting.