G21 Priority Projects submitted to IDC

When launching the G21 Geelong Region Plan in September 2007, Premier Brumby acknowledged its significance by announcing the establishment of a “G21 Inter-departmental Committee” (IDC) to assist the implementation of our priority projects.The IDC approach proves useful in situations where several government agencies have overlapping responsibilities. These overlaps can create delays and uncertainty, examples of which have been seen recently with some water and coastal issues.During 2008 we have been working with G21 Pillar and project groups, as well as key project stakeholders to develop a “Top 10” set of projects for the region. The projects were drawn from the G21 Geelong Region Plan and developed to fit the opportunity presented by the IDC.To increase the likelihood of securing the extraordinary funding required to deliver these critical regional projects, development of the submission has involved consultation sessions with senior Victorian Government bureaucrats as well as Local Members of State and Federal Governments. The submission represents the collaborative view of the five G21 councils and key regional organisations including statutory authorities, community groups, businesses and industry networks. The first round of G21 priority projects were submitted to the IDC in September 2008. They were:Princes Highway West upgrade Geelong Arts Precinct Convention and Exhibition Centre Tourism Trails Water Secuirty Program Climate Change Impact Management Program Career Develeopment & Skills Service Public Transport Program Harbour and Marina Network Regional Marketing Program