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Great Ocean Road

SUCCESS!  CAMPAIGN UPDATE (Sept 2013) - The Federal Coalition during the 2013 election campaign committed to provide $25m of funding to upgrade the Great Ocean Road over five years, if elected. There is now a Coalition Government in Canberra so it's fully expected that commitment will be honored.

Read the Coalition's election announcement by clicking here.

The State Coalition Government made a matching $25m commitment, conditional on funding from Canberra.  With funding to flow from both governments the major objective of the 'Fund the Great Ocean Road' campaign has therefore been achieved; a total of $50m over five years to upgrade and maintain the Great Ocean Road.

G21 and 'Geelong Otway Tourism' thank the many people and organisations who supported the campaign, including the more than 2200 people who signed the petition.  The success of the campaign again demonstrates what can be achieved through regional cooperation and unity.

G21 in partnership with the regional community identifies 'priority projects' that will be of real benefit to the region and then sets about advocating for them.  The campaign to appropriately fund maintenance of the economically important Great Ocean Road is one such project, and its success has been a true community effort.

Well done and thanks to all !


August 2014 update - Watch a video on some of the great work on the road, made possible, and funded, by the success of this campaign by clicking here.


One of the world’s greatest coastal beauties recently turned 80 years-of-age and badly needs help.

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Despite National Heritage and National Landscape status the Great Ocean Road is having trouble coping with the seven-million-plus tourists and locals who travel its winding curves each year.

The road spans 243 kms from Torquay to just short of Warrnambool and is loved by locals and visitors from far and wide. It is one of the world’s greatest coastal drives, drawing visitors from all corners.

Sadly, our wonderful road is not as healthy as it might look.

The pressures of ever increasing traffic volumes, a daily stream of tourist coaches, and the constant weathering of its foundations, surfaces and verges is taking an inevitable toll.

Great Ocean Road

The road winds along rugged yet fragile cliffs which are constantly subjected to the pounding of ferocious storms swirling up from Bass Straight and the Southern Ocean.

The road is maintained, but is visibly deteriorating in many areas. The $3-4 million spent annually on maintenance by the Victorian government just isn’t enough.

And the federal government provides NO direct funding to maintain the road.

A minimum of $10 million-a-year is needed to maintain the road adequately. See estimated breakdown.

The road needs our help. And it needs it before the deterioration becomes a major concern.

Already the road has had to be temporarily closed due to rock slides and similar maintenance issues on occasions.

Our Great Ocean Road helps earn the region $2.1 billion in tourism income, yet governments between them can't find $10 million-a-year towards maintenance.

The road is not only a tourism focus, it's the access and supply line for thousands of people who live nestled around its curves.

Those facts alone should prod into action those of us who love this 80-year-old road!  So that's what the campaign is about.

Check photographic evidence of the deterioration of the road surface along the Great Ocean Road on our campaign Facebook page - click here.

How you can help

We need your support to convince our state and federal governments that they must adequately fund the Great Ocean Road.

The OMGreatOceanRoad! campaign aims to:

  • have the Great Ocean Road accepted by the federal government as part of the National Land Transport Network (that means making it a road of national importance and, therefore, eligible for federal assistance), and
  • gain commitments to minimum funding of $10 million-a-year for five years from the state and federal governments to ensure the road is upgraded and maintained to a standard we all expect.

PETITION - show your support by 'signing' our on-line petition to state and federal government ministers - click here to go to the petitionHard-copy petition forms are also available, at the various Geelong Otway Tourism Visitor Information Centres along the Great Ocean Road.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS - let friends know about the petition and have them come to this site –

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Funding Needs

We are seeking a minimum funding commitment of $50 million ($10m-a-year x 5 years) to upgrade and improve the Great Ocean Road. The $10 million per annum would be broken down roughly as follows:

Infrastructure Funding Required
Road surface maintenance $1.7 million
Improve roadside cuttings $1 million
Road pavement rehabilitation $3.25 million
Drainage $0.3 million
Resurfacing $2.6 million
Contingencies $1.15 million
Total $10 million

Letters to Ministers

G21 – Geelong Region Alliance has written to the Victorian Minister for Transport, the Honourable Terry Mulder MP, seeking his government’s support to ask his federal equivalent the Honourable Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport to include the iconic Great Ocean Road in the National Land Transport Network.  Read the letter to Minister Mulder.

G21 has also written to the Honourable Anthony Albanese MP, Australia’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport seeking inclusion of the Great Ocean Road in the National Land Transport Network and federal funding towards upgrade and maintenance of the road.  Read the letter to Minister Albanese.

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Roger Grant - Executive Director, Geelong Otway Tourism, W 03 5223 2588  M 0417 373 318


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