A short history

The concept that initiated G21 - Geelong Region Alliance was identified in late 2001, when the City of Greater Geelong recognised the need for better collaborative outcomes across multiple industries in the community.

To implement the plan, they needed regional expansion and support. They joined together with the mayors and chief executive officers of neighbouring municipalities; Golden Plains, Queenscliffe, Surf Coast and Colac Otway Shire, as well as the state government and community and business leaders, to hold a consultation forum to determine the level of support and discuss the benefits of a collective regional approach to planning (2002).

The Consultation Forum was a success, and led to the creation of a ‘Foundation Document’ based on nine themes (Pillars). The state government were supportive of the concept providing $150,000 funding, and a series of Leadership Group Meetings were planned to guide the delivery of the ‘G21 Strategic Regional Plan (2003)’.

Produced in 2004, this video (click on image) looks at G21's formation and early years.

By 2004 the G21 Leadership Group had endorsed the G21 Constitution (subsequently revised in 2012) and Board Charter, while Pillar and Working Groups were collaborating to deliver the 24 projects identified in the Strategic Regional Plan.

In 2005, G21 - Geelong Region Alliance was formally established as a company. The first Board of Directors was established, with David Morgan elected as the inaugural Independent Chair of G21. By this stage, 21 of the 24 projects identified in the Strategic Regional Plan were delivered or significantly advanced.

In 2006, research and consultation for a regional sustainable growth strategy began, with the work culminating in the launch of ‘The Geelong Region Plan – a sustainable growth strategy’ by Premier John Brumby in 2007. As a strategic framework and agreed vision for the G21 region looking toward 2050, the plan identifies and addresses the challenges the region will face in areas such as environment, settlement, land use, community cohesion and the economy.

Since then, G21 has focussed on the funding and delivery of projects and activities that contribute to the delivery of ‘The Geelong Region Plan’.

This includes the

  • establishment of clusters and working groups designed to ignite thought and undertake targeted activities to increase the prosperity of its sector
  • publication of numerous strategies and reports of regional significance
  • funding and delivery of projects within the G21 region.