Simonds Stadium Redevelopment – Stages 4 & 5

Economic Development Pillar
Air view looking down on Simonds Stadium

Project Description

Simonds Stadium plays an important part in creating an attractive lifestyle for people that live within the G21 region, by providing them with local access to major sporting and cultural events, despite living within a regional centre.

The Simonds Stadium (Stage 4 and 5) redevelopment will complete the transformation of the venue into Victoria’s third national multi-purpose stadium, strengthening the region as a sports hub and providing infrastructure required to attract a range of nationally significant events including AFL, T20 Big Bash, NRL, Super 15 Rugby, A-League Soccer and concerts.

The benefits of the activities that will be held at the Stadium will be felt throughout the region and beyond; from the community, local businesses, tourism organisations and local government agencies; to the local sporting associations whom will use the Stadium or benefit from activities held at the venue.

Without completing the redevelopment vision the region cannot maximise the potential opportunities that exist to host major national or international events and; the long term future of Geelong Football Club playing a minimum 8 games at Simonds Stadium cannot be guaranteed.

At the completion of the Stage 4 and 5 redevelopment, it is estimated that events/activities held at the Simonds Stadium precinct will generate incremental direct expenditure in the local economy in excess of $624.3M, over the ten year assessment period 2014 to 2023.

Stage 4
Brownlow and Jennings stand replacement. Funded November 2014. Under construction.

Stage 5
Ford Stand, Ablett Terrace and Southern Terrace Replacement and Hickey Stand Refurbishment. FUlly Funded September 2015, Under construction.

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