Small Business Ministerial Council research

Research to support small businesses in Victoria

The Small Business Ministerial Council is a representative body of the small business sector across Victoria providing advice and guidance to the Minister for Small Business, the Hon. Adem Somyurek, on areas of policy affecting small businesses. The Council is currently conducting research to develop case studies in the following two topics:

  • Topic One: Examples of Victorian TAFEs, universities and/or research institutes that have successfully partnered with small businesses on a small scale to innovate.
  • Topic Two: Examples of small businesses that have employed uniquely innovative approaches to meet challenges or leverage opportunities.

If you are able to input into either of the above topics, and can provide relevant case study examples that you are happy to share for potential future publication to support this key research and its application to small businesses, please email details to:

Bernadette Uzelac, Chair, Small Business Ministerial Council at -