Social & Economic Profiling

Profiling Tools

Interested in looking closely at the G21 region's economic and social profile?

Economic data based on the 2016 Census for the G21 region is available by clicking on the two profiling tool links below:

For Community Profiling tools: G21 Region Community Profile

For Economic Profiling tools: G21 Region Economic Profile



A Snapshot of our region:

  • In 2016 the G21 region had a estimated resident population of 315,240.
  • This represents an increase of 19.32% in the 10 years since 2006.
  • More than two-thrids of the region’s population lived in the City of Greater Geelong municipality.

Estimated population figures for each of the five (5) G21 region municipal areas is:

  • City of Greater Geelong – 238,603
  • Surf Coast Shire – 30,445
  • Golden Plains Shire – 21,929
  • Colac Otway Shire – 21,359
  • Borough of Queenscliffe – 2,904


Please note: Based on 2016 Census population figures incorporating updated data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in late 2017.