Spreading the Message - Aboriginal Reconciliation

The Spreading the Message project provides the opportunity for enhanced relationships to be built between young people from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal backgrounds in the G21 region.

The project has been designed to offer young people in the G21 region a platform to contribute towards reconciliation, with an aim to improve community connectedness and social inclusion of people from all backgrounds.

The goals of Spreading the Message are to:

  • enable young Aboriginal people to create relationships, share cultural information and develop a piece of public art to share with the community
  • provide an opportunity for participants to learn new skills and document their thoughts about reconciliation through written and audio visual mediums that can be widely shared
  • develop a model which can be used to duplicate similar programs in other settings.

As part of Spreading the Message, 15 Aboriginal students from Northern Bay College will develop and create painted bollards which illustrate and share their cultural story over a period of six weeks at Narana Creations.

The bollards will then be displayed at the two Northern Bay campuses to highlight and share Aboriginal culture and individual stories through the wider community, with a book and social media clip also developed for use in schools within the region.

Further to providing a platform for young people to express their culture, the project will create the following outcomes:

  • the development of regional resources and a model for youth leadership in reconciliation
  • public art through message stick totem development
  • written and social media references for ongoing use.

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