Caring for Our Bays

Environment Pillar

‘Caring for our Bays’ brings together key stakeholders to lead a coordinated response to ongoing environmental threats to bays in our region.

Three key concerns have been identified as negatively impacting our bays;

  • run off from litter ‘hot spots’
  • sediment loads
  • nutrients.

A series of Actions have been developed to address this. By educating the community, changing behaviours and implementing these practical actions we will safeguard the long term future of our bays.

The bay region is facing a litter crisis. Litter remains in the water and is not generally cleaned up due to the difficulty of collection. Litter is an issue that is evident to all stakeholders and this project will facilitate an integrated and coordinated approach to the issue. This is a generational issue as the litter will persist in the environment for years and it is important to stop the litter at it's source.

Healthy, litter free environments are resilient environments.