Central Geelong Revitalisation

Planning and Services Pillar

The Need

Central Geelong is the G21 region’s primary centre of business, retail, arts, culture, education, health and institutional activity. Like many cities of its size, central Geelong is experiencing challenges as it transitions from a traditional ‘central business district’ function to a more diverse economic, social, residential and cultural centre.

Geelong is far more than just Victoria’s second city. It deserves to be recognised in its own right as a smart regional city and a great place to live and work. Not only is this important for the future of Geelong, it’s also critical to Victoria’s social and economic sustainability. To make this a reality, the city needs to be able to attract new people, new ideas and new opportunities. That begins with revitalising the heart of Geelong.

The Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan sets out the Government’s plan to drive change in central Geelong, allowing the city to maximise its economic growth and realise its full potential.

The Action Plan will coordinate state and local government involvement in central Geelong – providing focus for structural, policy and physical changes necessary to attract private sector investment and stimulate growth.

Delivering world-class precincts is a key outcome of the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan, and includes the G21 Priority Projects of redeveloping the Geelong Cultural Precinct and delivering a new Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre (funded).

You may view and download a copy of the plan by clicking here.

You may also view and download a 2018 Victoria Government and City of Greater Geelong brochure 'Central Geelong - Invest in the Future', which outlines the oportunities and streamlined processes for investing in central Geelong, by clicking here.

Project Aims

The Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan sets out initiatives designed to turn central Geelong into a magnet for new jobs and growth.

Ultimately, the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan is designed to encourage:

  • people living and working in the city
  • permanent and construction job creation
  • demand for retail and services
  • creativity and vibrancy across the city day and night
  • new development opportunities
  • private sector confidence to invest in central Geelong.

Delivering the Action Plan will take time and the concerted, coordinated efforts of local, state and federal governments, the private sector and the local community.

A Revitalising Central Geelong Partnership, comprised of officers from state departments and agencies and the City of Greater Geelong, has been established to implement the plan. Working together will ensure Geelong has a vibrant city centre, a prosperous local economy and the bright future it deserves.

Project Champion

Martin Cutter, Chief Executive Officer, City of Greater Geelong.

What has been committed

The Federal Government has committed:

  • $20.85 million towards Revitalising Central Geelong through the Geelong City Deal, including:

            - $12 million towards the Green Spine (blocks one and three)

            - $5 million towards streetscape upgrades within the Arts and Cultural Precinct

            - $3 million towards Geelong Railway Station upgrades

  • $2.65 million in incentives for Deakin University’s affordable student housing in the T&G building
  • to locate the National Disability Insurance Agency headquarters in central Geelong.

The State Government has committed:

  • $15 million to fix stormwater infrastructure at Johnstone Park, create new laneways connections and bus infrastructure
  • $7 million towards the Green Spine (block one and three) through the Geelong City Deal
  • $5.5 million to deliver early stages of the Action Plan
  • $3 million to deliver the first stage of the Green Spine (block two) and the Laneways Project
  • $1.7 million towards the Johnstone Park raingarden
  • $850,00 towards the redevelopment of central Geelong’s iconic T&G building
  • to locate Worksafe Victoria headquarters in central Geelong.

What is required

  • Funding to continue the successful implementation of the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan
  • $6.5 million to upgrade Brougham Street making it suitable for buses. Buses currently using Malop Street can then be diverted, allowing the Green Spine (Block 1) development to take place
  • A Working Group (lead by state government and including local government, building owners and key stakeholders) to collaborate and create a coordinated solution to the flaws within the built environment of the Geelong Mall, which promotes anti-social behaviour within central Geelong
  • Funding to create additional pedestrian laneway connections
  • Funding to complete implementation of the Cultural Precinct Master Plan.

A 10-year Transport and Movement Network Operating Plan is under development. Once completed, funding will be required to deliver upgrades for identified road and public transport infrastructure, including bus routes and bus interchanges

A commitment to embed GROW training, employment and procurement principles in all government projects within the region.