Colac Civic, Health and Railway Precinct

Economic Development Pillar

The Need

As Colac Otway Shire Council plans for sustainable future growth, there is a need to develop policy that supports diverse housing and accommodation options in Colac close to services and amenities.

The Colac Civic, Health and Railway Precinct Plan will guide land use and manage development in the civic area, creating a co-ordinated link between the:

  • Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural centre, Shire Offices and Council owned former Home Hardware building
  • railway precinct, including the station and the underutilised land on the south side of the railway, and
  • health precinct including Colac Area Health facilities on and around the hospital.

The Project

There is an opportunity to plan for medium to high density housing in Colac’s CBD. Land identified is close to the Colac Railway Station and surrounds Colac’s health precinct, Colac Performing Arts and Cultural Centre, Colac Otway Shire council offices and other government services.

A precinct plan is required to maximise the use and development of this land, which is a mix of government and underutilised freehold land, to deliver diverse housing and short term accommodation options.

The Plan will also:

  • establish a distinctive cultural, civic, health and transport precinct for Colac that meets the city’s growth and needs
  • create a vibrant precinct with a broad mix of land use and public space
  • provide a holistic approach to parking strategies throughout the precinct, and
  • promote a safe pedestrian focussed area while still accommodating vehicles.