Defence Procurement

Economic Development Pillar

Geelong Defence Alliance - Avalon Airshow 2019

G21, as a member of the Geelong Defence Alliance.

Geelong Defence Alliance (GDA) is a collaboration between Geelong based industry and key stakeholders focused on increasing local involvement in the defence industry.

GDA is a central point of contact for organisations interested in doing business with Geelong, and it champions involvement in key projects across all defence domains, identifying and coordinating opportunities, facilitating information and advocating for Geelong business in defence based initiatives.

Geelong provides access to a wide range of supply chain capabilities and expertise across:

  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Support services and information communications and technology

Geelong has ample room to accommodate defence companies with plans for expansion or development in a capable city offering land for growth, infrastructure, logistics, workforce and an ideal lifestyle.