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Friends of the G21 Region, Geelong Ring Road Study

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The Geelong Ring Road is the G21 region’s most important infrastructure development in a generation. It will have significant impacts on the region’s economic development, population growth and land use demands.

The Economic & Land Use Impacts of the Geelong Ring Road (2009) is a new report that examines likely growth areas as a result of the development of the Ring Road and the duplication and upgrade of Princes Highway West. Funded by the City of Greater Geelong, G21, the Committee for Geelong and RDV, the report will inform Council and agency planning processes for services and infrastructure.

Released three weeks ago, the report shows how the Ring Road and Princes Highway Upgrade are expected to increase the region’s population, industry and employment opportunities, and how this is likely to impact on the region’s land use requirements. It also presents specific recommendations on how the region can make the most of the opportunities that these important pieces of infrastructure present.

The information provided may affect land rezoning and help target investment attraction efforts. The report will also help us understand which businesses are likely to relocate because of the infrastructure improvements. This may well result in freeing up of some large sites with redevelopment potential for more valuable uses.

Towards the end of this month, two business roundtables will be held in Geelong to discuss “Economic opportunities as a result of the Geelong Ring Road”. Hosted by Victorian Treasurer John Lenders, the invited participants will discuss the findings of the new report and develop actions to capture the identified opportunities.

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