G21 Regional Road Connections

Transport Pillar

The Need

Strong economic and urban growth in the G21 region is placing increased pressure on our regional road network.

Efficient and effective transport routes to key regional and metropolitan locations underpin most of the region’s industries, and are critical to ongoing economic viability.

It is therefore increasingly important to plan for the integration of our transport system, improving road connections that will facilitate economic expansion, increase road safety and improve accessibility across the G21 region.

The G21 Region Road Transport Plan 2017-2027 has been devised to assist with the expansion of the transport system, guiding development of regional road transport infrastructure so that it:

  • Supports the growth of established and emerging industries
  • Responds to structural changes
  • Strengthens regional economic and social opportunities
  • Promotes sustainable transport
  • Supports population growth within the region.

Implementation of this plan is required to maximise the value from road projects are already completed; in particular the Geelong Ring Road and Princes Highway West.

Project Aim

To complete or develop key road links within the G21 region, including:

Upgrading freight connections to the Port

Heavy transports from Melbourne and the Western District travel via the Geelong Ring Road to the port of Geelong. These transport connections need to be urgently upgraded as they are not of the standard required to properly support this traffic.

Upgrading the Midland Hwy to Bannockburn

Improved accessibility via the Geelong Ring Road has boosted growth in Bannockburn, with a forecast increase of almost 90 per cent to more than 10,000 between now and 2036. Planning for the duplication of the Midland Hwy between Geelong and Bannockburn is underway to cope with increased traffic and to improve connections between regional centres. Funding is now required to complete road construction.

Barwon Heads Road Duplication

Duplication of Barwon Heads Road will help reduce congestion and improve safety in Armstrong Creek, one of the largest contiguous growth areas in Victoria that will provide housing for up to 65,000 people in the next 10 to 25 years. Duplication between Settlement Road and Reserve Road is funded, while planning between Reserve Road and Lower Duneed Road is underway.

Constructing Bellarine Link (Geelong Ring Road extension) to the Bellarine Peninsula

Development plans for Armstrong Creek define a corridor for the East-West connection linking Baanip Blvd to Barwon Heads Road. A detailed corridor planning study to determine the alignment between Barwon Heads Road and Portarlington is underway. Funding will be required to complete road construction.

Bacchus Marsh Road Duplication

The Northern Geelong Growth Area will house around 30,000 new residents. To prevent out of sequence development from impacting the road network, planning for road improvements, including the duplication of Bacchus Marsh Road, is required.

Project Champion

Guy Wilson-Browne, General Manager City Services, City of Greater Geelong.

What has been committed

State and Federal Government have committed:

  • $318+ million for planning and duplication of Barwon Heads Road Stage 1 and planning for Barwon Heads Road Stage 2 duplication
  • 325.4 million to extend Geelong Ring Road to the Surf Coast Hwy (Stages 4A, B and C).
  • $50 million to modernise the Geelong Port rail lines
  • $10 million to build overtaking lanes on the Midland Hwy between Bannockburn and Meredith
  • $4 million for a detailed corridor planning study determining alignment of Bellarine Link
  • $3.5 million to upgrade Shell Parade, improving road access to the Port of Geelong
  • $300,000+ to plan for the Midland Hwy duplication to Bannockburn.

What is required

Upgrading freight connections to the Port

  • $25 million to duplicate Bacchus Marsh Road between Geelong Ring Road and Princes Hwy. This will connect the Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct to the Geelong Port.
  • $6 million to upgrade four intersections along Shell Parade to improve road access for heavy traffic to the Port of Geelong.

Upgrading the Midland Hwy to Bannockburn

  • $265 million to duplicate the Midland Hwy to Bannockburn.

Barwon Heads Road duplication

  • $250 million for the Barwon Heads Road duplication Stage 2 (Reserve Rd to Lower Duneed Rd).

Constructing Bellarine Link (Geelong Ring Road extension) to the Bellarine Peninsula

  • $160 million to build Bellarine Link, connecting Baanip Boulevard to Barwon Heads Road.

Bacchus Marsh Road duplication

  • Funding to plan for road improvements in the Northern Geelong Growth area.

A commitment to embed GROW training, employment and procurement principles in all government projects within the region.