G21 Snapshots - February 2011

February 2011 

Colleagues and friends of G21,

As a key member of the broader G21 family, each month we will keep you informed of the key projects and activities of the G21 Alliance. G21 is the formal alliance of government, business and community organisations, working together to improve people's lives in the G21 region.

Feature Articles
Welcome message from G21’s CEO 
New bus service from Colac to Geelong  
State Government's Port of Geelong announcement

Central Geelong Taskforce 
G21's four new Pillar Projects 
COGG releases the Economic Indicators Bulletin 2009/10 
Regional Land Use Plan (RLUP) update
Federal health reforms
G21 Report to the Region released – February 2011 

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RDA BSW Committee update 
Key Economic Indicators released - January 2011 
Latest news from the G21 Pillars  
Media articles of interest to the G21 region 
Items of regional interest 
Welcome to our new G21 members 


Welcome message from G21’s CEO

Welcome to 2011! After the rush of the holidays, the New Year is well and truly here–probably faster than any of us expected. I am looking forward to 2011, there's lots G21 will be doing this year to increase the profile of the G21 region's Priority Projects and obtain support and funding for these. I am also keen to continue connecting with G21's stakeholders including our members.

With the changes to Mayors within the G21 municipalities and end of terms we have seen changes to G21's leadership group. I would like to thank our out-going 2010 Board members – Cr Libby Coker, Cr Lyn Russell and Michael King and welcome Cr Dean Webster, Cr Brian Crook and Cr Jan Farrell.  2011 is going to be a great year with this gexceptional leadership team - I look forward to working with you all.

New bus service from Colac to Geelong

On 4 February the Public Transport Minister, Hon Terry Mulder MP, announced a new bus service between Geelong and Colac.

Advocacy for, and support toward the successful delivery of the regional transport connections is one of the Pillar Projects of the G21 Transport Pillar.

The new weekday service will start as a 12-month trial leaving Geelong at 5.30pm and arriving in Colac at 7pm. The bus will depart from Geelong Train Station, stopping at Deakin University’s Waurn Ponds campus, Winchelsea, Birregurra before terminating at Colac Train Station.

The new bus service will fill a vital gap in the existing timetable, allowing Colac residents an early evening public transport option from Geelong.

Click here to find out more about the G21 Transport Pillar

State Government's Port of Geelong announcement

On 3 February the Minister for Ports, Dr Denis Napthine MP, announced that a feasibility study into relocating the export and import of cars from the Port of Melbourne to the Port of Geelong will be undertaken.

The potential relocation of car import and exports to the Port of Geelong would help create up to 1,000 jobs and provide an additional $200 million to the G21 region’s economy.

In 2009/10 approximately 375,000 new vehicles, carried on 320 vehicle carrier vessels, moved through the Port of Melbourne. This included export of 125,000 motor vehicles built in Victoria.

Central Geelong Taskforce

A taskforce convened by the City of Greater Geelong to consider the future of Central Geelong met for the first time on 23 December 2010 at City Hall.

Membership of the taskforce includes Councillors and City officers, State and Federal politicians, real estate agents, retailers, police, and representatives from Deakin University, Committee for Geelong and G21 - Geelong Region Alliance.

The taskforce agreed to formalise the collaboration between the City of Greater Geelong, Deakin University and the Committee for Geelong to develop the Vision II project for the City. The  project involves feeding ideas by leading architects and planners into computer modelling to create a vision of how the city could look.

The taskforce also identified six priorities for immediate action, which are:

  • Safety
  • Parking
  • The promotion of Geelong
  • A review of the cost of doing business in Central Geelong
  • New business attraction
  • Accommodation

A follow-up half-day workshop on 8 March has been convened by the City of Greater Geelong.

G21's four new Pillar Projects

G21 Pillar Groups identify projects that will benefit the G21 region and implement the Geelong Region Plan. This year G21 has welcomed four new projects that are now endorsed as G21 Pillar Projects. G21 has 53 Pillar Projects of which 15 are endorsed as Priority Projects. The new Pillar Projects include:

Environment Pillar

  • Climate Change Taskforce - A collaborative project to coordinate climate change responses at the local level across the five G21 municipalities.

Health & Wellbeing Pillar

  • Healthy Parks, Healthy People - This project will work on bringing more people into our parks and reserves, participating in the natural environment. A number of key partners are working together on a range of discrete nature based projects that also have a focus on volunteers.

Economic Development Pillar

  • Northern Gateway - The range of existing and proposed infrastructure assets in Geelong's Northern Gateway will allow government and the private sector to attract development opportunities from anywhere in the world.
  • Surf Culture - This project will capitalise on the significant opportunities Torquay has in its surfing culture through the development of events, activities and business.

COGG releases the Economic Indicators Bulletin 2009/10

The City of Greater Geelong recently released the annual Economic Indicators Bulletin - 2009/10 edition. The bulletin monitors the annual performance of the region's economy and is a key resource for those who invest, live, study or work in the G21 region.

The 2009/10 Bulletin is available online and brings together latest available data on:

  • Regional Employment Indicators (including unemployment rate, job advertisements and unemployment allowances)
  • Residential Property Market (including new dwelling approvals, median house and rental values)
  • Non- Residential Property Market (including building activity by local government and non residential property sales)
  • Population Growth (including estimated resident population, demography and population projections)
  • Business Profile & Annual Regional Production (including major employers, annual regional production and port trade)
  • Education & Training (including student enrolments, apprenticeships and traineeships)
  • Tourism & Major Events (including domestic day and overnight visitors, international overnight visitors and major events)
  • Regional News and Events (including major construction and infrastructure projects, asset and residential development)

G21 Regional Land Use Plan (RLUP) update

Work on the G21 RLUP has commenced. The Plan will address the G21 region’s land needs in the short (2016) and medium-term (2026), also considering longer-term planning scenarios (2050).

Since the State Government funded this project in June, initial project scoping has been completed, with a Project Steering Group in place, a Project Manager appointed, and establishment of the Technical Reference Group and Project Team.

A Stakeholder and Community Engagement program is in development and a tender has been prepared for a Community Engagement consultant to work with communities across the G21 region. The Consultant will help identify values in the G21 region to provide input to the RLUP planning processes.

Federal health reforms

On 13 February the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to work in partnership on National Health Reforms to help deliver a better deal for patients and secure the long-term sustainability of Australia’s health system. 

G21 continues to support the GP Association of Geelong in their interest to apply to be an early adopter of the Medicare Local initiative, which is part of the National Health reforms. Medicare Locals will support health professionals to provide better coordinated care, improve access to services, and drive integration across the primary health care, hospital and aged care sectors.

G21 Report to the Region released – February 2011

The G21 Report to the Region publication features:

  • a description of G21, the Geelong Region Plan and G21’s relationship with Regional Development Australia
  • an overview of the aims and activities of each of the eight G21 Pillars
  • a month by month report of G21's major activities and achievements in 2010
  • an overview of the issues facing the G21 region
  • an explanation of how G21 prioritises projects for the G21 region
  • a description of the G21 region's Priority Projects and Pillar Projects for 2011
  • G21 Pillar members and Directors.

Click here to view the G21 Report to the Region – February 2011


RDA BSW Committee update

The Regional Development Australia (RDA) Barwon South West Committee has released its Barwon South West – Victoria’s region of opportunity brochure that provides a comprehensive snapshot of RDA's activity in the region. 

The new Victorian Government has committed to constructing at least six new passing lanes between Colac and the South Australian border.  The RDA Committee is interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. 

The RDA Committee is working with regional stakeholders on two key strategic projects.  These projects are the:

  • Great Ocean Road Tourism Destination Management Plan that aims to develop a focal document that identifies new tourism product and articulates a detailed implementation plan to develop sustainable tourism in the region
  • Barwon South West Tertiary Education Attainment Strategy that will identify actions that will increase tertiary education attainment rates in the region.

Please visit www.barwonsouthwest.org.au for further information about the RDA Committee’s projects and activities.


Key Economic Indicators released – January 2011

The City of Greater Geelong have released the January 2011 Key Economic Indicators Report which monitors the region’s economy. The key points are:

  • The unemployment rate for the Barwon Western District in December 2010 was 5.4% (an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared to the previous month
  • During December 2010 an average of 116 regional job advertisements were in the Geelong Advertiser each week (a decrease of 44.0% on the previous month).
  • A total of 217 domestic new building permits were issued in the City of Greater Geelong in October 2010 (a decrease of 17.2% on the previous month.
  • A total of 55 non-domestic building permits were issued in the City of Greater Geelong in October 2010 (an increase of 19.6% on the previous month).
  • The median house price in the City of Greater Geelong increased to $381,250 in the September 2010 quarter (an increase of 1.7% on the previous quarter).
  • A total of 588 new ABNs were registered in the City of Greater Geelong during the September 2010 quarter (an increase of 15.1% on the previous quarter).

Click here to view the Key Economic Indicators Report for January 2011

Latest news from the G21 Pillars

Each of the eight G21 Pillars meets on a regular basis to discuss regional issues and progress regional projects. Click on the below links for the most recent Pillar activity report.

G21 Arts & Culture Pillar 
G21 Economic Development Pillar  
G21 Education & Training Pillar 
G21 Planning & Services Pillar
G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar
G21 Transport Pillar  
G21 Environment Pillar 
G21 Sport & Recreation Pillar 

Click here to view the full list of G21 Pillar Projects

Media articles of interest to the G21 region

G21 tracks articles within the region that discuss G21 and the region’s Priority Projects.

Click here to view G21's Articles of Interest - December 2010/ January 2011    
Click here to view G21's Articles of Interest - February 2011

Items of regional interest

Asthma and Allergy Education Night
Kardinia Health is holding a Community Forum for those interested in learning more about asthma and respiratory allergies on Wednesday 23th February 7-9pm, Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont.

Click here to find out more about the Asthma and Allergy Education Night

Women in Freight Logistics and Marine Scholarship
This $10,000 Scholarship is open for full-time or part-time student starting or completing a Masters, Ph.D. or postgraduate degree in the freight, logistics or marine-related fields. Applications close Friday 25 March 2011.

Click here to find out more about the Women in Freight Logistics and Marine Scholarship

Information Technology Quarterly Report - January 2011
Information Technology Specialists are in high demand, after a return of business confidence has led many organisations to restart shelved projects or commence new projects. Competition between organisations for highly skilled professions has become high, allowing candidates to become more selective in their work options. Organisations are increasing salaries, headhunting and improving training and support to become more competitive and overcome these issues.

Click here if you would like to learn more about IT Employment trends

Welcome to our new G21 members

This month the G21 Board welcomes the following new members to G21 - Geelong Region Alliance:

Kardinia Health Ltd 
Choc Chip Multimedia 
SPE (Management) Pty Ltd 
Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management 

Click here to see the full list of G21 member organisations or to find out about becoming a G21 member organisation

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