G21 Snapshots - March 2011

March 2011 

Colleagues and friends of G21,

As a key member of the broader G21 family, each month we will keep you informed of the key projects and activities of the G21 Alliance. G21 is the formal alliance of government, business and community organisations, working together to improve people's lives in the G21 region.

Feature Articles 
New Priority Project overview – Geelong: Cruise Ship Destination
State Government's $1 billion Regional Growth Fund announcement

$1.4 billion RDA announcement to benefit G21 region
G21's submission completed - Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia 
Community invited to comment on the future election of a Geelong Mayor
Central Geelong Taskforce meets for second time
G21 Addressing Disadvantage forum

Celebrate Diversity, Challenge Discrimination campaign
Climate Commission visits Geelong

G21 Freedom from Violence –promotional video released

Regular Snapshots Features 
RDA BSW Committee update 
Key Economic Indicators released - February 2011 
Latest news from the G21 Pillars  
Media articles of interest to the G21 region 
Items of regional interest 
Welcome to our new G21 members


New Priority Project overview - Geelong Cruise Ship DestinationCruise ship

At the February board meeting the G21 Board endorsed Geelong: Cruise Ship Destination as a Priority Project for the G21 region at the recommendation of the G21 Economic Development Pillar.

The new Priority Project includes the development of a purpose built cruise liner facility to accommodate visiting cruise ships, naval vessels and tall ships. The facility will include Australian Customs Service and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service facilities; as well as commercial, hospitality and transport services.

The development will also include floating infrastructure that will allow for expansion of the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. This will increase its capacity and the Club’s opportunities to secure major sailing events over the yacht racing season and grow the marina capacity over the entire year.  This aligns with the Yacht Club’s strategic plan and the waterfront master plan.

Click here to view the Geelong: Cruise Ship Destination Priority Project description

State Government's $1 billion Regional Growth Fund announcement

On 3 March the State Government announced a $1 billion Regional Growth Fund for Victoria. The funding will be delivered over eight years and will be focussed on building and upgrading local services and infrastructure as well as investing in local skills and industries to promote jobs.

The fund is split into two categories:

  • 40% will be directed to local Priority Projects and is divided into the Local Government Infrastructure Account and the Putting Locals First program
  • 60% will be allocated to strategic economic projects that provide better regional infrastructure, facilities and services.

Click here to view the State Government’s media release on the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund 
Click here to visit the Regional Development Victoria website 

$1 billion RDA announcement to benefit G21 region

The G21 region will significantly benefit from the 4 March announcement of the Australian Government’s $1 billion Regional Development Australia Fund

The fund will provide between $500,000 and $25 million for projects that will boost economic development, create local jobs and lift the quality of life in local communities and regions.

Allocation of funding will be competitive, merit-based and only applications that are consistent with the G21 Geelong Region Plan and have the backing of the Regional Development Australia Barwon South West (RDA BSW) Committee will be considered.

Click here to download a copy of Regional Development Australia Fund guidelines 

G21's submission completed - A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia

On 16 December 2010, Hon Tony Burke MP, the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, released the Issues Paper: A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia and called for all Australians to have their say about Australia's changing population.

Earlier this month, G21 completed its submission on behalf of the G21 region regarding the Issues Paper. Since the announcement G21 has been working with the following key stakeholders to complete the submission: 

  • Joe Adamski, Executive Manager, Barwon Water
  • Dennis Barker, Director Sustainable Communities, Surf Coast Shire
  • Steve Cameron, Manager – Strategic Investment and Adaptation, Corangamite CMA 
  • Elaine Carbines, CEO, G21 – Geelong Region Alliance 
  • Fiona Dunbar, Research & Policy Advisor to CEO, City of Greater Geelong
  • Jack Green,  General Manager Sustainable Planning & Development, Colac Otway Shire 
  • Lenny Jenner, CEO, Borough of Queenscliffe
  • Adrian Keats, Consultant, Barwon Water 
  • David Spear, Manager Executive Projects, Golden Plains Shire

The submission answered 14 questions on sustainable growth and its impact to the local economy and environment.

Click here to view G21's submission - A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia 

Community invited to comment on the future election of Geelong Mayor

The State Government has invited residents and ratepayers of Greater Geelong to give their opinion on the preferred model for the direct election of the Mayor. A discussion paper has been launched that sets out a number of options for mayoral elections for the community to consider, including:

  • Residents to directly elect the Mayor
  • Residents to directly elect a leadership team comprising of both the Mayor and a Deputy Mayor.

The community has also been invited to consider whether candidates for Mayor or a Deputy Mayor should be allowed to also nominate as Councillors.

Currently, the Mayor of Greater Geelong is elected by the Councillors, as required by the Local Government Act 1989. Mayor John Mitchell was re-elected in December 2010 for a two-year term that will expire at the next council election in November 2012. 

Central Geelong Taskforce meets for a second time

The Central Geelong Taskforce, a group dedicated to work on the continued development and revitalisation of Geelong’s Central Business District, met for a second time on 8 March 2011.

Taskforce members, which includes G21, split into the six sub-groups identified at the first meeting in order to develop action plans for each themes. The sub-groups included: 

  • Parking 
  • Safety
  • Promotion 
  • Cost of doing business in the CBD
  • Attracting new business
  • Accommodation

The taskforce is gathering evidence on the issues affecting the CBD including vacancies, commercial property rates, business closures and start-ups. They will also investigate specific actions that could be implemented relatively quickly and cost effectively. 

Two retail experts; Bernard McNamara, Principal, BMDA Development Advisory and Jen Cromarty, Deputy Executive Director, Australian Retailers Association; presented to the group. Bernard McNamara gave an analysis of how activity precincts work in retail environments and how this principle could be applied to Geelong, whilst, Jen Cromarty reported on current retail trends including consumer habits and sales growth.

The Central Geelong taskforce will meet again on 29 March to consider the actions recommended for each of the six focus areas. 

Click here to view the City of Greater Geelong's media release on the Central Geelong Taskforce 

G21 Addressing Disadvantage forum Addressing Disadvantage Forum Pic

On 10 March, the G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar held the G21 Addressing Disadvantage Forum in Geelong.

The forum’s aim was to:

  • identify current strategy and level of investment across government, business and community sectors aimed at addressing disadvantage 
  • identify how to build on the good work already taking place
  • plan for the most sustainable approach to working for positive change in our communities.

The workshop was structured to test what and where the strategic opportunities, and any relevant constraints, exist.

The forum received positive media coverage and was attended by 24 organisations from across the G21 region. The forum proposed five strategic goals to address disadvantage in the G21 region relating to employment, education and health. These goals were presented to the G21 Board at the March board meeting for endorsement.

Click here to view photos from the Addressing Disadvantaged forum
Click here to view the G21 Addressing Disadvantage forum attendee list
Click here to find out more about the G21 Addressing Disadvantage Priority Project

Celebrate Diversity, Challenge Discrimination campaign

The G21 Freedom from Discrimination Action Group, part of the Health & Wellbeing Pillar, launched its Celebrate Diversity, Challenge Discrimination campaign at the 2011 Pako Festa.

Visitors to the Pako Festa were invited to join in an awareness raising activity that celebrates the diversity of people living in our community by completing a hand written message. The activity produced over 100 photos which will become part of a community arts exhibition.

The G21 Freedom from Discrimination Action Group has membership from: Barwon Health, GPAG, Wathaurong, Diversitat, Department of Justice, City of Greater Geelong and BATFORCE.

Click here to view inspiring photos taken at Pako Festa for the Celebrate Diversity, Challenge Discrimination campaign

Climate Commission visits Geelong 

The Climate Commission met in Geelong on 25 March as part of a national tour. A presentation was made to the attendees which discussed:

  • The science of climate change
  • How climate change may affect Australia
  • How carbon pricing could interact with the Australian economy
  • What other countries are already doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Two sessions were held, a stakeholder forum and a community meeting, both encouraging the attendees to ask questions and share ideas with the Climate Commissioners and participate in the national conversation on this vital issue.

G21’s CEO, Elaine Carbines, raised the importance of ensuring the important Climate Commission’s messages reach the wider community and to consider using social media to do so.

The G21 Geelong Region Plan outlines our region’s aim to protect and enhance our natural environment by responding to the challenge of climate change. One of the goals is to reduce the G21 region’s CO2 emissions by 70% by 2050.

G21 Freedom from Violence –promotional video released

A promotional video has been created which will be used to increase the awareness and participation within the G21 Freedom from Violence – Month of Action in 2011. The video follows the steps of a choir of women who sung on the streets of Geelong to mark the beginning of the 2010 G21 Month of Action. It also contains important facts about the prevalence of violence against women in our community.

The G21 Month of Action is dedicated to raising awareness about violence against women.


RDA BSW Committee update - March 2011

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Barwon South West is at present providing advice to the Victorian Government emphasising the importance of the Regional Rail Link project and National Broadband Network rollout to regional areas.

The RDA Committee prepared a submission on the Issues Paper: A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia currently being undertaken by the Australian Government.  Please email rda.barwonsouthwest@rdv.vic.gov.au if you would like to receive a copy of the Committee’s submission.

The RDA Committee has agreed to work with regional stakeholders to develop a study into the impact of dairy industry growth in the Great South Coast region (including Colac).  The project will identify and analyse the challenges and threats associated with the growth in the industry and the most appropriate responses by its stakeholders.

The RDA Committee will shortly meet with RDA Grampians to discuss issues in common, particularly relating to the Golden Plains Shire.

The RDA Committee is now on Twitter. Follow us at RDABarwonSW to stay up to date on RDA projects and activities and to be the first to hear Committee announcements.

Key Economic Indicators released – February 2011

The City of Greater Geelong has released the February 2011 Key Economic Indicators Report which monitors the region’s economy. The key points are:

  • The unemployment rate for the Barwon Western District in December 2010 was 5.4% (an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared to the previous month
  • During December 2010 an average of 116 regional job advertisements were in the Geelong Advertiser each week (a decrease of 44.0% on the previous month)
  • A total of 217 domestic new building permits were issued in the City of Greater Geelong in October 2010 (a decrease of 17.2% on the previous month
  • A total of 55 non-domestic building permits were issued in the City of Greater Geelong in October 2010 (an increase of 19.6% on the previous month)
  • The median house price in the City of Greater Geelong increased to $381,250 in the September 2010 quarter (an increase of 1.7% on the previous quarter)
  • A total of 588 new ABNs were registered in the City of Greater Geelong during the September 2010 quarter (an increase of 15.1% on the previous quarter).

Click here to view the Key Economic Indicators Report for February


Latest News from the G21 Pillars

Each of the eight G21 Pillars meets on a regular basis to discuss regional issues and progress regional projects. Click on the below links for the most recent Pillar activity report.

G21 Arts & Culture Pillar 
G21 Economic Development Pillar  
G21 Education & Training Pillar 
G21 Planning & Services Pillar
G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar
G21 Transport Pillar  
G21 Environment Pillar 
G21 Sport & Recreation Pillar 

Click here to view the full list of G21 Pillar Projects

Media articles of interest to the G21 region

G21 tracks articles within the region that discuss G21 and the region’s Priority Projects.

Click here to view G21's Articles of Interest - March 2011  

Items of regional interest

G-Force launches its Target 100 Scholarship Program

On 10 March, G-Force launched its Target 100 Scholarship Program which aims to help young people from Geelong’s northern suburbs to take control of their futures by becoming apprentices and trainees within a host company.

G-Force is calling on organisations within the G21 region to support the initiative by ‘adopting an apprentice’ or by becoming a host employer. G21 has become a community partner supporting Target 100.

Click here to find our more about the G-Force Target 100 Scholarship Program

Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) 2011 Conference

Hosted by the City of Greater Geelong, SEGRA2011 conference will include a number of speakers contributing their ideas and expertise around regional growth management, limits to growth, population dispersal, maritime policy and remote Australia. The conference is a must for those who want to:

  • Gain the latest regional development intelligence and analysis
  • Contribute to the development of innovative solutions to regional development issues
  • Experience innovative case studies
  • Connect with key decision makers and like-minded professionals
  • Develop new skills from the workshops and applied sessions
  • Network, make contacts and build learning communities within and across sectors.

The conference will be held in Geelong, 25 - 27 October 2011. To register your interest to speak or attend please email Jessica Shelton at info@segra.com.au

Click here to find out more about SEGRA2011

State Government's Competitive Business Fund – Round 2 now open

The Competitive Business Fund supports growing and competitive businesses with the potential to move into new markets, develop processes and solutions, or to invest further in their business in order to enhance competitiveness and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Click here for more information on the Competitive Business Fund

Information night at Kardinia Health - Diabetes: You can prevent it – learn how

On 31 March, Kardinia Health will be holding an information night for those interested in learning more about diabetes. The session will be held at Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont.

Click here to find out more about the information night on diabetes

Welcome to our new G21 members

This month the G21 Board welcomes the following new members to G21 - Geelong Region Alliance:

Coumans Chartered Accountants
Davidsons Pty Ltd
Geelong Galvanizing
Geelong Grammar School
Greening Australia (Vic)
Greenline Engineering Pty Ltd
Hoare Bros Pty Ltd
Integrated Automation Pty Ltd
Landlink Opteon
Queenscliff Music Festival
Springdale Neighborhood Centre Inc
St Quentin Consulting
Tract Consultants
Waypoint Pty Ltd

Click here to see the full list of G21 member organisations or to find out about becoming a G21 member organisation

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