GMHBA Stadium Redevelopment - Stage 5

Economic Development Pillar

The Need

GMHBA Stadium is central to the community and culture of Geelong and the G21 region.  It is home to Geelong Football Club and has hosted international cricket, Big Bash League, men’s and women’s elite soccer and Rugby Union.

The Northern Grandstand is one of the first structures built at Kardinia Park and is now urgently in need of redevelopment to meet the stadium’s growing needs.

Project Aims

The Stage 5 redevelopment of the stadium would connect the recently completed Brownlow Stand and the existing Hickey Stand, completing the northern end of the stadium.

It would enable the total capacity of the stadium to reach 40,000, making it the biggest regional stadium in Australia.

Geelong Football Club (the Cats) crowds are growing annually placing pressure on the stadium.  In addition, the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust wishes to develop the stadium to meet the requirements of promoters to attract international music events and other more diverse events.

Benefits to Victoria and the G21 Region

GMHBA Stadium is a beacon on the Geelong skyline and is home to many major domestic and international sporting events.

The redevelopment would add 6000 seats to the stadium.  The increase would bring increased economic investment into the area, including new jobs and economic activity.

A strategic priority of the Trust is for the stadium to become more community orientated on non-major event days. It currently hosts tenants including Geelong Football Club, Barwon Sports Academy, Football Federation of Victoria, Basketball Victoria Country, Geelong Cricket Club, Cricket Victoria, Tennis Victoria and the Kardinia Park Trust administration.

The stadium currently contributes $3-4 million to the Geelong economy each Cats home game.

Project Champion

Michael Malouf, Chair, Kardinia Park Stadium Trust

What has been committed

The State Government has committed:

  • $102 million for the fifth and final stage of the GMHBA Stadium (Kardinia Park) redevelopment
  • $10.5 million for security and safety upgrades at Kardinia Park
  • $3.9 million towards a business case investigating stage 5 stadium redevelopment.


GMHBA Stadium event information:

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