Annual General Meeting (AGM) a night of reflection


Around sixty members and stakeholders attended the G21 AGM held in Wurdi Youang at the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre on Thursday, November 14.

CEO Elaine Carbines reflected on the G21 region’s watershed year, which saw almost $4 billion committed to the region with the signing of a momentous City Deal for Geelong and the Great Ocean Road and several key election commitments.

G21 had been a determined advocate for the City Deal over several years to both Canberra and Spring Street.

Of particular note, the Deal adopts the GROW principles of using local suppliers and workers for projects wherever possible to maximise the economic and social benefits to the region.

Elaine also welcomed the high-level 10-year implementation plan, with the funding roll-out to begin next year.

A highlight of the evening was keynote speaker Simon Phemister, Secretary of the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions, who acknowledged the important role that G21 played in locking down the City Deal agreement.

He congratulated organisations in the G21 region for working collaboratively to ‘cut through the white noise’ when communicating to government. He also recognised that government knew that when G21 spoke, it was with the weight of five local councils, 190 businesses and 300 volunteers from our Pillars.

He encouraged organisations in the G21 region to continue to work together, to advocate on behalf of our region with one voice.

Prior to the close of the evening, those who had made a strong contribution to G21 were recognised. Awards went to:

  • former G21 Directors; Cr Bruce Harwood, Cr Bob Merriman and Lenny Jenner
  • former Arts and Culture Pillar Leader Cr Margot Smith and long-term Arts and Culture Pillar Deputy Leader Kaz Paton.

Following the official business, members and guests enjoyed refreshments and took the opportunity to talk with G21 Directors, Pillar leaders and staff about how G21 will continue to deliver important outcomes for the people of the G21 region.

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