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Arts and Culture Pillar

The stage 2 upgrade of the Geelong Arts Centre is complete! The $38.5 million five-level redevelopment includes a 120-seat performance space on the centre’s top floor, as well as four new studios, a creative co-working space and a main Ryrie St entrance.

Significantly for heritage reasons, the facade of the neighbouring former Church built in the 1850s has been restored and the space retained as a rehearsal area.

The $128 million third stage of the Art Centre’s redevelopment, which will add a 500-seat and 250-seat theatre, expand the box office and add bars and restaurants, is now ready to go. We can’t wait!

Sadly, this redevelopment highlights the need to renew the Geelong Gallery, which is still unfunded and outstanding.

The Gallery only has enough space to publicly display about 3 per cent of the 6,000 artworks in its care. About $20 million of its collection is currently not on display.

The opportunity to move into a vacated Geelong town hall is an exciting proposition. As a heritage building and one of the oldest town halls in Australia, it is an opportunity to create a cutting-edge gallery that honours its past.

It would also double the Gallery’s footprint, and provide the potential to bring exhibitions of national and international significance to the city.

The Pillar congratulates Back to Back Theatre on receiving a $100,000 State Government grant to transform the company’s internationally-acclaimed theatre production Ganesh Versus the Third Reich into a feature film.

Back to Back has toured Australia and the world to acclaim, with shows offering perspectives on social and cultural issues. This funding gives their ensemble of actors with intellectual disabilities the chance to not only star in the film, but also co-author the script, which is planned for production in Geelong.

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